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In 2022, Apple Watch could arrive in three dimensions

In 2022, Apple Watch could arrive in three dimensions

Apple’s next smartwatch update could be the most substantial ever: Apple Watch Series 8 not only will it have many novelties, but it could have three different sizes. In 2022 we could bring a watch face even bigger On the wrist.

Apple Watch Series 8 could have three face sizes

The next Apple Watch could change a lot. In fact, if this year the Apple presented a product that has improved in many aspects, but in any case without enormous technological innovations, the next one could surprise us. Especially for the new sensors.

In fact it seems that a body temperature sensor, able to constantly measure fever and warn before any heat exhaustion. Something useful for health but also for training. It also appears that Apple is working on a sensor for monitor blood glucose leveland, even if it is not known if it will arrive already next year.

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This new technology will all fit into the two dial cuts present today. But it seems that Apple also wants to present a watch with a wider diagonal, going in addition to the 44 mm seen to date. A rather large watch size, therefore, even for men’s wrists. But that follows a trend already seen in the world of accessories: large watches are in fashion and it seems that Apple is following this line.

There are currently no details on a possible exchange of design: perhaps a round Apple Watch might seem less “fat” even with a large diagonal. But on the other hand it would lose the style it held for the first seven generations.

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There is still a year to find out: we will keep you updated for any news on Apple Watch Series 8.