Impressive: Computer-controlled bacteria building a nanoscale pyramid

For some time now, advances related to “small” have continued to occur, from time to time there is new news related to the field that leaves us speechless, like the one I bring today which is truly surprising. And it's not just because it's nanotechnology, but also because of the change in focus.

On this occasion, researchers from the Nanorobotics Laboratory at the École Polytechnique de Montréal decided that instead of trying to build a tiny machine, why not take direct control of something that is already this size?being this “something” of bacteria.

Well said and well done. They developed an electronic microcircuit, controlled by a computer, capable of producing magnetic fields, into which they introduced a large number of magnetotactic bacteria which function in the same way as a compass: in the presence of a magnetic field , these advance towards him.

with the gadget researchers managed to “take control” of a group of bacteria and this is what you can see in the video accompanying the post, a group of 5,000 computer-controlled magnetotactic bacteria working together to build a pyramid structure.

Was it or was it not surprising? If we take a little imagination, anyone can quickly see the possibilities available to us in being able to control the behavior of groups of bacteria. To give an example that we are already working on: the researchers want to use these groups of controlled bacteria as a propulsion system for larger nanorobots, with which they could direct them exactly to the desired body part.

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