iFixit breaks down the iPhone 7 Plus and reveals its secrets

It's one of the most anticipated moments during the launch of a new iPhone: the iFixit exploded view. The well-known website is always responsible for taking apart Apple terminals to tell us their internal secrets, the materials Apple used and the reason for some previously inexplicable changes. Now it's the turn of the iPhone 7 Plus, the 5.5-inch model, and it reveals an interior with many changes compared to the previous model. Battery, haptic motor, camera… many elements have changed and we will tell you about them below.

iFixit tells us that the disassembly process is very similar to previous models, with the classic « Pentalobe » screws, but as a curiosity, it specifies that once the screws are removed, the front part of the iPhone 7 Plus separates towards the side, therefore different from what happened in previous models, perhaps due to the new water resistance of this new smartphone. What happened to the headphone jack? Well, the controversial removal of the classic connector from our Lifetime headphones has made way for the haptic engine of the iPhone 7, this small component that makes the vibration of the iPhone different from the conventional one and which will also give us the sensation of clicking when pressing the start button while there is really no movement. This could have been one of the reasons for removing the headphone jack, although the fact that there is also protective plastic there again points to water resistance as another of the most common reasons. important. This piece of plastic conducts sound, it seems to bring it to the microphone or out of the haptic motor.

iPhone 7 Plus's 3GB of RAM confirmed

One of the data that most interests iPhone users is the battery of the new device. Apple announced in its Keynote an autonomy of up to 1 hour more in the iPhone 7 Plus compared to the iPhone 6s Plus. This will be largely due to the fact that the battery of the new terminal has a greater capacity than that of the previous model, more precisely 2915mAh compared to the 2750mAh of the 6s Plus. We will have to see how this battery behaves on a daily basis and if the additional 60 minutes that Apple promises are real. The dual camera, undoubtedly the great novelty of the iPhone 7 Plus and which also differentiates it from the 4.5-inch model, was praised by iFixit, assuring that « it's almost worth being projected by the camera » which we remember that the back of the iPhone is not completely flat. In this model, this protrusion is made with the iPhone's own aluminum structure, also to achieve water resistance.

iFixit confirms Samsung's 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a much better-built Lightning connector than its predecessor, with insulation capable of withstanding up to 50m of water, something far superior to what Apple initially certifies it won't. is only 1 meter. There's more evidence everywhere for water resistance, with rubber inserts serving to insulate many components, like the nanoSIM tray. The front speaker also changes, since it now has a dual mission: to serve as a speaker for calls and a speaker for listening to music or any other multimedia file next to the one at the bottom and thus obtain stereo sound for the first time on an iPhone.

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