If it was up to González-Sinde, the public domain should not exist

Mozart lived in the misery of not having copyright. If he and his family had had them, they would have lived better and he would have been freer to create

—Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde

In this way, the current Minister of Culture of Spain tried to defend the actions of SGAE during RTVE breakfasts. Disappointment reaches new lows, Sinde tries to assimilate a situation to her convenience to defend the indefensible. The music industry in Mozart's time was radically different, there was no recording of music and it was limited to supporting the patronage of the aristocracy and the church.

The way for artists to make money (I emphasize: there were no record companies or sales of recorded music) was to give concerts. Mozart stopped giving them around 1786; The economic crisis also did not help because of the war between Austria and Turkey, which caused economic problems for him and his family.

But if we listen to everything that says Gonzales-Sinde (and where the quote read at the beginning of this post comes from) are much worse (from the minute 26:45 in the video):

If I had had copyright for these works which were leaked and which were rehearsed in orchestras, small orchestras, soloists and thousands and millions of executions throughout historybecause Mozart and his descendants would not have lived so badly.

Thus, if it had the power to decide, the durations of protection for the use of works would be infinite and they should never pass into the public domain. This type of absolutist thinking usually comes from people who do not understand the importance of art created by humanity over the years belonging to all humanity above any commercial interest nor do they understand how the art adoption cycle works. /culture by societies, which is curious, considering that González-Sinde East THE Minister of Culture.

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