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Icelandverse, the metaverse of Icelandic tourism

Icelandverse, the metaverse of Icelandic tourism

In the wake of Meta, the project launched by Mark Zuckerberg, many hi-tech companies have chosen to venture into the creation of their own metaverse. And this does not surprise us at all. What leaves us speechless, however, is that an Icelandic tourism organization recently shared a video that makes fun of the Facebook projectproposing a national version of the metaverse, Icelandverse. The idea in itself makes you smile, but it has a clear and well-defined goal: to promote tourism in Iceland, where everything is beautiful in real life. And not only in the augmented and / or virtual one.

Icelandverse: Iceland promotes tourism by mocking Zuckerberg

Visit Iceland, the Icelandic tourist board, has found an absolutely fun and up-to-date way to promote the beauty of its land. Picking up on Facebook’s Meta presentation, she shared a video in which Zack Mossbergsson – Icelandic double of Zuckerberg – announces Icelandverse, a real parody of the metaverse project. “Hello and welcome to this very natural environment“. Thus begins the doppelganger of the CEO of Facebook, moving his hands in a rather embarrassing way. “Today I would like to talk about a revolutionary approach on how to connect our world without being super weird.”

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The proposal of the Icelandic institution, in fact, is to live an incredible experience without the need for a connection or an avatar. Zuckerberg’s Icelandic doppelganger proves to be well aware of royal beauties of Iceland, enough to advance the idea that AR may really fail to compete with IRL (in-real-life). “In our open world experience, everything is real. It is completely immersive, with wet water. With humans to connect with ”. And to show that real reality can truly be better than virtual reality, Zack Mossbergsson takes us on a tour that shows the wonderful Icelandic landscapes under the Northern Lights.

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The video clearly shows “skies you can see with your eyeballs”, real rocks, geysers and wildlife. In short, everything that the Icelandic metaverse can guarantee you. On the other hand, “Icelandverse was built with experts from government, industry, nature and academia, as well as some volcanoes”. A well-structured project, as well as ironic, there is no doubt. But it is impossible not to pay attention to the parody that the Icelanders make of Zuckerberg’s life. In the video, in fact, his doppelganger is filmed spreading mud on his face, with a bold reference to the moment when the Facebook CEO was paparazzi on vacation wearing a mask for his face.

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“Incredible”. Zuckerberg himself commented. “I need to take a trip to the Icelandverse soon. I’m glad you’re wearing sunscreen too ”. The response of the tourist board is inevitable: “Oh, hello Mark! You’re always welcome. Icelandverse is open 24/7! ”. On the other hand, it is quite obvious that there is this wide possibility to visit the Icelandic “metaverse”. It’s real. And it doesn’t need a headset to keep you entertained.