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Hyundai unveils the electric concept 45 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai unveils the electric concept 45 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

To the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, Hyundai offers an exclusive perspective on the future of mobility: it presents a preview of the new electric concept 45which anticipates the design of the next electrified models.

Hyundai 45: days of a past future

At one time the car was conceived as a simple means of transport. Today the idea of ​​cars is constantly evolving and the boundary between means of moving and traveling and the environment to live is increasingly blurred.

At the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Hyundai talks about its strategy of personalized experiences that it will offer aboard the next ones electric vehicles. In the brand’s vision, cars will offer customers an ever greater freedom to customize spaces, to express their lifestyle – exactly as you do when decorating your home.

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With the name 45, the new concept car pays homage to one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the brand, the Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept. 45 marks the beginning of a new era for Hyundai, evoking emotional ties with the past to create a lifestyle brand for the future of mobility.

The iconic character of 45 it is defined by his body monocoque, as well as the aerodynamic and light design of the aircraft of the 1920s. The prototype’s name partly owes its origin to the 45 ° angles that characterize the front and rear, creating a diamond-shaped silhouette that anticipates the design of the brand’s future electric vehicles.


45 reinterprets the distinctive lattice front grille of the Pony Coupe Concept, featuring a ‘kinetic cube lamp’ design, evoking similar sensations while applying the latest technologies. 45 It also takes Hyundai’s lighting architecture to a new level, allowing immediate identification even from a distance.

The concept embodies stability and dynamism, characteristics that are accentuated by a significant width and a forward-projected posture. The precise and energetic features of the exterior are taken up in the passenger compartment, structured as a dynamic opening to daylight (dynamic daylight opening – DLO). This ends with the corner of the C-pillar which conveys a feeling of forward motion even when the car is stationary.


Within the concept 45, Hyundai designers have taken space beyond driving, focusing on just that. Inspired by home furnishings, the minimalist cabin features a pleasant fusion of wood, fabric and leather – creating a welcoming atmosphere that is spacious and relaxing. Natural light was also considered as a design element for the sky, so as to arouse similar emotions in a natural way.

For passengers, the Hyundai 45 offers a comfortable and shared environment, through rear lounge chairs and front seats that can rotate backwards. Pushing design and technology even further, passengers seated in the front seats can interact with the infotainment system through a projection-beam interface – which replaces the single central touchscreen with a series of displays and functions integrated directly into the dashboard.

Hyundai Generator

Hyundai in Frankfurt also presents Hyundai Generator, a portable charging station for electric vehicles and the latest emission-free electric charging functionality. The hydrogen used is in fact sustainable as it is produced from renewable resources such as solar or wind power.

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Hyundai Generator is a mobile charging system that consists of two fuel cells, so as to be able to supply energy to two vehicles at the same time even in fast charging, and is less noisy than conventional diesel generators.