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Huawei Watch GT: review of the smartwatch with almost infinite battery

Huawei Watch GT: review of the smartwatch with almost infinite battery

We have been trying for some time Huawei Watch GTlo smartwatch of the Chinese giant with a very appreciated peculiarity: it has an “infinite” battery. But is it really the smartwatch for everyone? Let’s try to explain it to you in our video review that you find at the beginning of this article.

Technical features

Huawei Watch GT: more than a smartwatch …

Let’s start from a premise: more than a smartwatch, this one Huawei Watch GT is a sports watch. Complete, quite accurate in the measurement, however, it is always a super sport watch. What does this mean? It does not allow you to install applications, its “environment” – with proprietary LiteOS operating system – is definitely closed and for now it does not allow you to download applications of any kind or to make payments through Google Pay despite the presence of NFC. In short, it has its limits even if it is rumored that in the future it could support Huawei Pay which for now is not available in Italy.
Important thing to underline is that this Huawei Watch GT works with both Android and iOS (detail not to be underestimated).

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Top-of-the-line battery

The strong point – indeed very strong – of this smart watch is the 420 mAh battery that will allow you to use it in complete tranquility up to 12 days with continuous heart rate monitoring as we have been able to test firsthand (Huawei guarantees 15 days with 90 minutes of heart detection per week). While in “stand-by” mode only with notifications, GPS and partial detection can last up to 30 days with a single recharge. This makes that Huawei Watch GT does not end up in the bottom of a drawer as it could happen with any smart watch equipped with the Wear OS operating system.

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Comprehensive application

The Huawei Watch GT application is exhaustive and allows you to detect in a fairly precise way the types of training provided by LiteOS as well as the quality of sleep.
It is a must have for all sportsmen or for those who “content” us with measuring physical activity. All the others will perhaps be a little disappointed by the narrowness – in terms of applications – put in place by the LiteOS system which on its side, however, can offer a battery life that, to date, few can guarantee.

Huawei Watch GT: price and availability

Huawei Watch GT has been available on the market for several months at list price of 199 euros with silicone strap and 229 euros with leather strap.