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Huawei nova 9: ​​here is the new flagship smartphone designed for young people

Huawei nova 9: ​​here is the new flagship smartphone designed for young people

Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG), a leading technology company, announces HUAWEI nova 9the new flagship smartphone designed for younger generations. Distinguished by innovative features and cutting-edge design elements, the latest device in the nova series from Huawei offers a world of new creative opportunities thanks to the powerful camera system and video capabilities for those who love to immortalize the moments of their life.

For the first time in the HUAWEI nova series, HUAWEI nova 9 debuts with a number of world-class camera system technologies, including the RYYB color filter array (CFA) and XD Fusion Engine. The hardware-software integration of the camera allows users to capture quality images and videos even in low light situations, so that any content is ready to be shared immediately on social networks. The responsive 120Hz Original-Color curved display, powerful processor, excellent battery life and support for blazing charging speed with 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge ensure a smooth gaming experience for the most passionate mobile gamer, while Intelligent Device + collaboration capability facilitates synergy between smartphone and other Huawei products.

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Capture your story with the Ultra Vision camera

HUAWEI nova 9comes with a powerful system 50MP Ultra Vision Camera. Whether it’s night photos, panoramas, portraits or close-ups, the HUAWEI nova 9 lets you capture what you want with high-quality images and near-professional clarity.

The rear camera system features a 50MP Ultra Vision camera, 8MP ultra wide angle camera, macro camera, and depth camera. It includes a large 1 / 1.56-inch sensor and a highly light sensitive RYYB CFA, which collects 40% more light than a standard RGB sensor.

This allows users to take quality photos and videos even in low light conditions, with the confidence that the bright parts of the image are not overexposed and the dark areas are bright and rich in detail.

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Once an image is captured, the XD Fusion Engine he sets to work, using sophisticated computational photography techniques to greatly improve the details and quality of the image itself. For moving shots as well as still shots, AI Snapshot Recognition is supported to maintain clarity of every detail.

New way to vlog and find inspiration from everyday life

The ways of using content are changing. Today, many prefer to communicate through video – be it short or video calls, memes or vlogs. Vlogging is increasingly widespread, thanks to social media, and for this HUAWEI nova 9 is full of innovative features that allow you to express your talent.

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To meet the needs of vloggers, HUAWEI nova 9 features a 32MP high resolution front camera. Similar to the rear camera, it also supports 4K video capture and AIS (AI Image Stabilization) video stabilization to be able to make high-definition videos while talking in front of the camera or while telling what is happening around.

With simultaneous front and back recording, you can switch between front and rear cameras and have a single video file. The Dual-View video mode allows you to show users’ live reaction, using the front and rear cameras at the same time without the need for editing or, when you want to show both a general scene and a detail, you can capture a close-up at the same time and a wide angle.

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Thanks to the Petal Clip app, users can easily choose from a variety of video templates and themes before posting their vlogs or other videos to social media in no time. Furthermore, Video Search and One-Click Video Creation simplify complicated editing processes. Simply enter a keyword to search for images or videos in the gallery and the device intelligently identifies any relevant content, then you can click “Edit” to create your own masterpiece in no time.

To simplify group shots and videos, the HUAWEI nova 9 also supports Remote Shutter. This means that you can easily set the HUAWEI nova 9 on a tripod and take a group photo with friends without having to worry about awkward shots while walking to and from the camera.

A stunning design

HUAWEI nova 9 has a gorgeous one 6.57-inch 120Hz Original-Color curved display with a tapered surface that slides comfortably between your hands and minimizes left and right bezels for more immersive viewing. It displays 1.07 billion colors, has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz for better responsiveness. Combined with Full-Path P3 color support, the display ensures a spectacular viewing experience with smooth images, vivid colors and incredible detail.

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The design of the HUAWEI nova 9 is noteworthy, it is only 7.77mm thick and weighs 175g. Introduces a new Starry Blue colorway, created with a brand new process Starry Flash AG Glass which adds a unique texture to the frame and highlights the iconic camera module.

Power at your fingertips

Mobile gaming is another global phenomenon, with more and more users enjoying sophisticated mobile games. HUAWEI nova 9 is powered by the mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 4G and uses Huawei’s AI technology to intelligently prioritize tasks and optimize performance for an incredible mobile gaming experience.

The powerful processor is complemented by an equally effective cooling system that combines VC Liquid Cooling and graphene for fast and efficient heat dissipation. This means that the smartphone can run at full speed while remaining cool to the touch, even after hours of gaming or video streaming.

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It also supports the new Touch Turbo technology that takes mobile gaming to a new level by enabling more precise and responsive controls.

For gaming or just surfing the Internet, the HUAWEI nova 9 guarantees excellent usage time thanks to its 4300mAh battery. Additionally, the new nova smartphone supports 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge for high-speed charging while minimizing downtime.

New user experiences

With HUAWEI nova 9 controlling multiple devices at the same time is as easy as with just one thanks to Device +. The Control Panel Device + tab allows you to easily control or set up multi-device collaboration with other devices such as HUAWEI Vision, HUAWEI FreeBuds, HUAWEI MatePad and HUAWEI MateBook. For example, users can tap the HUAWEI MatePad icon to activate Smartphone-Tablet multi-screen collaboration; tap the HUAWEI MateBook icon for Smartphone-PC multi-screen collaboration or tap the HUAWEI FreeBuds icon to switch audio output to Huawei earphones with ease.

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With the Distributed File System, HUAWEI nova 9 can also function as an external storage drive connected wirelessly to your PC, which means you can access the files you want even easier. You can attach a file from your smartphone while writing an email on your PC or save an image directly to your smartphone while browsing the Internet on your PC.

“The launch of HUAWEI nova 9 shows that we are back in the mobile market. The smartphone is at the heart of our ecosystem of products and services that aims to cross the border between devices to deliver connected experiences to millions of users, “he says. Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager Huawei Consumer Business Group Italy. “In Italy alone we have 10 million people who use our smartphones. With nova 9, the rising star of the nova series, we aim to keep this path constant, which demonstrates how our innovation responds to people’s desires and needs. Through powerful hardware upgrades and OS integration, the nova 9 introduces a number of exciting features including 4K video recording, continuous front and back recording and remote shutter, offering users, new generations in particular, different ways to create engaging videos. “

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Huawei Mobile Services and AppGallery

HUAWEI nova 9 also includes a number of updates regarding the Huawei Mobile Services pre-installed, in particular AppGallery which reached 560 million monthly active users, supported by 5.1 million registered developers and partners to consistently deliver a wide range of innovative apps.

On the one hand, the already existing apps of different types such as banking ones have improved, including Intesa Sanpaolo, social and entertainment ones like M2O, travel like Helbiz, health like Immuni and more, on the other hand the offer is expanded with new apps , for example Buddyfit.

Within the world of Huawei services it stands out in particular Petal Maps 2.0, a constantly updated platform with new features such as “Innovative Lane Guidance” for safer and stress-free driving and “Offline Maps” to keep users on the right track. And then Petal Clip,

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Huawei’s first video editing software that allows you to easily create professional-quality video and photo content with amazing effects and features.

Among the most downloaded apps with over 32 million global monthly active users there is also Petal Search which allows you to easily find anything online, from nearby locations to travel information, from shopping to news and more. With over 20 fully customizable search keys (weather, sport, travel, etc.) selected in over 3000 content partners on board, Petal Search continues to offer an ever-growing variety of content directly at users’ fingertips.