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HSMART launches its first smart watch: it’s called H1

HSMART launches its first smart watch: it’s called H1

HSMART is born, the result of the Hoops brand extension, and with the new brand comes H1, the company’s first smart watch.

The Milanese brand HSMART presents the H1 smart watch

The brand extension of Hoopsa Milan-based company specializing in wristwatches, starts from HSMART: a name that is already a mission statement. In fact, the new brand aims to enter the electronic device market. The brand itself is defined as follows: Smartwatch as a base, high technology as a fixed point of departure, creativity and style as a sign of recognition, all at the service of a 360-degree performance.

HSMART wastes no time and immediately launches the first device, called H1. It is a highly technological smart watch with 1.69 inch square display, high brightness and definition OLED. All set in an ultra-light 40gr rounded case.

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The integrated G-sensor allows you to record and monitor physical exercise around the clock: from the daily steps to the calorie consumption, passing through the distance traveled and the hours of activity. Furthermore H1keeps track of all the activities carried out during the day, allowing to adapt the functions of the smartwatch to the different type of sport practiced. The battery life, which extends up to 7 days, makes this smartwatch the device suitable for everyday use. This, combined with the lightness that distinguishes it, makes it extremely comfortable to wear at all times.

HSMART also pays particular attention to the aesthetics of H1, and presents a multicolor collection with shades ranging from black to pink, through pearl gray, sage, teal with touches of gold and silver. There are also several interchangeable bracelets to choose from: the new silicone strap with flexible and fully magnetic soft touch effect or with buckle, or in black, silver and gold metal mesh.