How to transfer information from my iPhone to an Android smartphone in an easy way

Apple launched a Google Drive application a few years ago that allows us to transfer information from our Android smartphone to our new iPhone. According to Apple, This application is very popular with users, which has increased the number of Android users who have recently moved to Apple's mobile platform. But if you are an iPhone user and for some reason you are tired of iOS, Google has just updated the Google Drive application, adding a new option that allows us to transfer all the information from our terminal to the Android smartphone that we have selected as our daily use smartphone.

Google took a while to launch this application, but better late than never, since until now the only way to carry out the transfer of information was through third-party applications it also required us to use a computer, especially when transferring images and videos.

Migrate your iPhone data to Android

  • First of all we have to install on our iPhone or iPad (it also works on the Apple tablet) the Latest version of Google Drive.
  • Once installed we must go to Settings > Backup. Then all the information that we can transfer to our terminal managed by Android will be displayed: contacts, calendar events and the photos and videos that we have stored in our terminal. All DRM protected content and apps will not be transferred and we will have to repurchase them from the Play Store if they are available.
  • The Contacts and Calendar Events tabs are checked by default, so just go to Photos & Videos so that all the contents of our reel are included in the backup which we will transfer later to our terminal.
  • Then we click on start backup. The application will ask us for authorization to access our contacts and our calendar, access that we must authorize so that the application can make the backup which will then be downloaded to our terminal.
  • The process can take several hours, so it is recommended put the device to charge and leave it with the app open.
  • Once the process is completed, all images and videos will be found available via the Google Photos appso they will not take up space on our device and we will always have them at hand, as long as we have an Internet connection.
  • Concerning contacts, these will be found in our calendar, in a new group with the name of our device.
  • Calendar events will be available in a new calendar named as the device name.
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