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How to start playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS and Android


How to start playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS and Android

The famous world-building game recently bought by Microsoft, Minecraft also has its pocket version to play on mobile devices, both iOS and Android. There are those who are used to playing Minecraft on PC and have no major problem, although this version is somewhat different than the original game. But who has never played a game on PC and is ready to play on their mobile, at first they may find something lost in a lonely world. I’m going to give you some simple tips on how to start playing Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The first thing you should do is get used to the controls, which are the same on all devices

As soon as we start playing we see that there are two game modes: creative and survival. In creative mode you can create the world you have in your head. For this you have unlimited blocks and another series of resources. In survival mode you must survive the night that is when the monsters attack and for this you must build your shelter by collecting your items. Once you have chosen the game mode you can now face the Minecraft universe. When creating a new world you must give it a name, but apart from this, you can configure it. In advanced options there is the section of seeds (seeds) and according to the code that you enter you will create a world full of lava, a jungle, an island or a frozen world. On the internet you can find a multitude of seeds with which to configure your world.

The first thing you should do is get used to the controls, which are the same on all devices. This is important because if you have never played before, at first you feel somewhat clumsy and lost, so it is very important to take control of the character. Left and right have no major problem because they are the usual ones, go forward the upper button, skip the button in the center, the lower button is to go back and to fly, something you can do in creative mode, it is achieved by giving the button to up while holding jump. To kill the monsters you just have to click on the monster and to break a block click on the block.

– Once we have control of the game, the first thing you should do is get wood, as it is the basis of construction. Get on the trees and start cutting them down. After a few hits you will see pieces of wood fall, you just have to walk on them to get them. With about five trees that such you will have enough wood for now.

– The next step is to find a suitable place to build your house. You must hurry if you are in survival mode to do it before nightfall. The reality is that between one thing and another the first night is on top and you have only done with the controls, you have obtained wood and you have explored a little. You can make a shelter by digging some stone blocks and hiding there until you are able to build your house. The light keeps monsters away, so you can place torches to illuminate your shelter. These are made with sticks and charcoal. To get coal you must chop stones, if you notice some have black specks that can be used as an indication that you are going to get coal.

– To start making objects you need a manufacturing table, which is made with four pieces of wood that you have obtained from the trees. In the menu you can make wooden boards and with these in the submenu you can make the table. Some of the first objects that you must make are a wooden ax and a stone pickaxe (to do this you will have previously had to hit some stones to get a certain amount of stone). The manufacturing board is reusable so one that you make is enough. Little by little you will learn how to make the different objects. One of the first things you need to make is a bed, which is made from wood and wool. You will need to go looking for sheep to get the wool. The bed is necessary to regain health.

– To make some objects you will need to previously melt them, so you must make an oven in the manufacturing table. To do this you will need 8 rocks, to obtain them you need to chop stone with a stone pickaxe. The oven is lit with charcoal.

– When night comes, have your sword ready (the best one is the stone one) and be alert for the arrival of monsters. Some will need more than one hit to die. Use the diamond sword to kill skeletons.

With these simple steps you are ready to face the Minecraft world. If you like challenges choose survival mode and if you like to create and create without ending your imagination, choose creative mode. Fans of the classic game will see that it is not 100% faithful to the original game, as in this version there are no caves or that the manufacture of objects is done automatically, without the need to combine, but for something it is a pocket version to create at any time without being in front of the PC. You can download Minecraft Pocket Edition for your devices and start putting these tips to work.

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