How to Save Battery While Playing Super Mario Run


  • Reduce game graphics
  • Classic iPhone settings to save battery

We are in the first weekend with the new Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first big bet for mobile devices. Yes, we already know that the famous Pokémon Go was released this summer, but Super Mario Run is the first game, not counting Nintendo's social apps, that comes so that we can spend our idle hours hand in hand with the Japanese giant Nintendo.

And as expected, Super Mario Run let it all go a bit, there were a lot of expectations but there were many who were greatly disappointed, one more runner as they described it. Yes, it's a runner, but it brings back memories of that Super Mario we played so much. From my point of view it's a great game, I've already spent a few hours on it and I've paid the price. I recommend it, but otherwise you can always try the free part of the game. Of course, be careful because as you get addicted you will see how your battery drains at the same speed from where Mario runs away. Here we explain how Save battery while playing Super Mario Run.

Reduce game graphics

Nintendo knows that their game consumes a lot of battery, and this is partly due to the graphics they gave it. you just have to try it in game on your iPhone and you will see that the graphics are milk… Everything looks awesome, a 21st century Super Mario. Of course, all this consumes…

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To spend a little less battery in exchange for losing a little graphic quality you just have to go to the menu settings inside of “My World” screen, the main screenand you will see some settings that we show you in the image above, we reduce the rendering quality and image quality and ready. Next we show you a video from Nintendo Life in which you can compare how the game looks with both configurations.

Classic iPhone settings to save battery

And if you still want to save more battery, you can always resort to the classic settings of your iPhone with which you always save a little battery:

  • Use the low power mode iPhone: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
  • use connection Wireless instead of mobile data
  • screen brightness, sound….

So now you know, if you follow all these tips you will be able to enjoy this entertaining game a little more, which now that the holidays are coming (for some) is the perfect excuse to have fun with Super Mario Run.

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