How to Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go


  • Low power mode on iOS
  • Battery saving mode available in Pokemon Go
  • Pay attention to the brightness of the screen, it is decisive

Pokemania doesn't leave us a free minute. We have been enjoying Pokemon Go for hours and hours using an Apple ID from an available country while waiting for it to arrive in Spain. We are going to give you some tips to save battery while playing Pokemon Go, so you can get the most out of every journey, every encounter, every battle. Pokémon hunting is now your only obsession, and you shouldn't let your iPhone's battery stand in the way between you and the next gym. These little tips will do exactly that for you.

Low power mode on iOS

This seems obvious, but this is the most obvious reason, but the most efficient. iOS Low Power Mode minimizes antenna capabilities and processing speed. For this reason, enabling low power mode in iOS is the most effective measure I have observed after my two days of testing. It is strongly recommended to start it before playing, as our experience will not be diminished in any way by activating it.

Battery saving mode available in Pokemon Go

Many do not know this, but in the Pokemon Go settings we have a configuration that is supposed to save battery when using it. Personally, I have not observed such an obvious change in consumption as when using the low consumption mode that iOS offers us, but any option aimed at extending the life of our battery with a single charge is recommended. To activate it, click on the central Pokeball, and at the top right we will have the “Options” menu represented by a nut. Fourth on the list is “ Battery saving“.

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Pay attention to the brightness of the screen, it is decisive

we all know that one of the most consumed activities on a smartphone this is the LED backlight of the screen in the case of LCD. Being on the street, and even more so now in summer, the screen brightness will go up to the maximum if we have it configured in automatic mode (which is usually the best), so it will consume as much battery as possible. If we take care to lower it slightly from the control center. We hope our tips were useful to you and if you have any others, leave them in the comments box to help other users.

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