How to remove watermark when using Prisma

Prisma has become one of the most popular apps on the App Store, courtesy of Pokémon Go of course. This spectacular photo editor has already been recommended to us by our colleague Jordi from SoyDeMac. However, it has a function that many users do not like, which is that it implements a watermark on all our photos edited with Prisma. But this has an easy solution, today we will teach you how to remove watermark when using Prisma so that your photos look the way you want them to, without the need to advertise the app.

First of all, for those who do not know Prisma, we will present it: This application allows us to transform your photographs into real artistic works, with a large number of filters, photographic effects and, above all, easy and quick use that will allow us to create complex works with a few simple finger movements. These photo editors are becoming more and more popular. He currently holds the position number seven on the free App Store chartand has been there for about a month with a rating of around 4.5 stars.

Remove watermarks from Prisma

Much easier than you might imagine, but the app is entirely in English although it is also a hit in Spain. We will click on the gear at the bottom to access the settings and we will see three switches. In one of them it is written “ Enable watermarks“, which will be enabled by default, if we deactivate it the watermark will disappear when saving our photos edited with Prisma. It's true that this sounds like bullshit, but many users don't like the watermark at all and stop using the app because of it, or later cut them off as a result. Don't take these steps again, you know how to eliminate them.

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