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How to remove character preview on iPhone keyboard

How to remove character preview on iPhone keyboard

The preview is that large letter that we can see every time we press the iOS keyboard, in iOS 9 a possibility has appeared that we did not have previously, we can eliminate that preview to write directly without seeing this large letter. The truth is that its usefulness is quite controversial, since it is shown for too short a time in the case that we are writing moderately fast, it seems a bit useless but it was always there for the most purists. Definitely, disabling this feature is pretty easy, and in Actualidad iPad we have brought you a tutorial on how to forget about this preview.

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This is more than anything a security measure, since it has been proven that through any type of video they have been able to capture user passwords thanks to identifying each of these characters thanks to the preview that is shown on the iPhone, which is almost how to show the password to other people’s eyes. Although it seems that it will definitely be more a matter of taste than anything else, We will show you the tutorial.

  1. We go to the Settings application of our iPhone.
  2. Once in Settings we go to the General sub-section.
  3. While in Settings> General we have to look for the keyboard section to enter it.
  4. It will show us a series of switches, including “character preview”, we simply have to deactivate this switch and we will get rid of this option.
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To reactivate it if we don’t like the experience without preview we just go back to the same point and we activate it, the truth is that it is quite easy and a function that is appreciated by Apple, which is giving us more and more customization options for the operating system.