How to recover Instagram account: the new procedure


  • Recover Instagram account: this is how the procedure will change
  • The arrival of the innovative mechanism

Recover Instagram account? Soon to do this, you will have to take advantage of a new recovery process, designed to make the task of the profile owner easier and put a spoke in the wheels of the bad guys!

Recover Instagram account: this is how the procedure will change

Have you ever encountered compromised social accounts and was it a long and tiring process to recover all your data? Perhaps, thanks to the new mechanisms currently being tested by Instagramyou won't have to worry anymore.

The social network is in fact currently working on a new in-app account recovery process, designed to make everything much easier for the real owners of the profile and, at the same time, make life more difficult for thieves.

The updated approach would use the app itself to provide a higher level of security, then ask the user for certain information (e.g. a phone number) and use that to send the user a code six figures.

The latter would thus ensure the return of the account to the original user, even in the event of a change of identifier or contact details.

Currently, the testing phase of the new process has already started, thanks to the introduction of a function that prevents, after changes to the account, from requesting another change of username.

The arrival of the innovative mechanism

Unfortunately, the social network has not yet announced the period from which the in-app recovery function will actually be available.

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To be reassured, however, the arrival – already occurring – of username blocking, currently available both on devices iOS be Android.

In any event, the arrival of a similar process would appear as an attempt to Instagram to get users, in case of problems with their account, to resolve them directly in the application, rather than relying on the security team.

What do you think of this novelty created by the social network?

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