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How to play Super Mario 64 for free on our iPhone and iPad

How to play Super Mario 64 for free on our iPhone and iPad

Unlike Android, emulators are a taboo subject at Apple. Emulator that reaches the App Store in the form of another application, emulator that ends up leaving the store. Due to the limitations of the App Store, the only way that anyone who wants to offer a service on iOS without going through the App Store filters has found is by using a browser.

xCloud, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia with some examples. To these, we have to add what we expect, be it a trend, and it is the possibility of playing classic console games directly from our iPhone or iPad through Safari. For now, and until Nintendo says otherwise, we have to settle for playing Super Mario 64 completely free of charge on our iPhone or iPad through this link.

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According to the guys from Nintendo Life, we can play the iconic Super Mario 64 from any device, The operating system does not matter, since we use the browser. This is possible thanks to the GitHub project called “Super Mario 64 decomp project”.

The game plays fast and without any lag on any iPhone, iPad, and even a Mac or Windows PC. At the moment, as I mentioned above, we don’t know how long it will take for Nintendo to demolish this emulator, but while it’s available, you have to take advantage of it.

The first news about this website that allows us to play Super Mario 64 is from April, so everything seems to indicate that Nintendo’s efforts to take down this page web is being unsuccessful.

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In order to enjoy this game on your iPhone or iPad, you need to pair a PlayStation, Xbox or MFI controller, controls that are compatible with Safari. This website allows us to save the progress of the games, although it is not specified where it does it, probably in the browser cache.

If you want to play on a PC or Mac, you can do it using the keyboard. At the top of the web page, before loading the game, it will show us the button guide that we can use. As it works through a browser, if you have an Xbox, you can play on the Microsoft console through the Edge browser using the controller as we can see in the following video.

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Don’t mind me. Just playing Super Mario 64 on my Xbox Series X. pic.twitter.com/ak57JVEBOr

— Daniel Hollis (@DanielAJHollis) August 20, 2021

Play Nintendo’s Mario on a Microsoft console… Super Mario 64 was first launched on the market in 1996 on the Nintendo 64 and since then, it has been reissued twice:

That said, if you want to enjoy this title again, do not delay in doing it Lest Nintendo’s legal machine do its job ahead of time.