How to install the Public Beta on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, Apple TV and Mac

Apple has just released the first Public Betas for its upcoming operating systems. If you don’t want to wait until September to enjoy all the news that these updates will bring, here we show you how to install it officially, for free and without downloading certificates from third-party websites.

Last month Apple presented us with the news of iOS 16 for iPhone the iPad, the new macOS Ventura for Mac computers, and the updates for Apple Watch, HomePod and Apple TV. The first versions for developers were immediate, and now we have the first Public Betas, once we have achieved more stable versions that Apple already offers to any user who wants to try these preview versions. Do you want to try the new lock screen for iPhone? Or the new Stage Manager for iPad? Do you want to have the new spheres for Apple Watch? Or start testing all the new features of macOS Ventura? Well, you can now do it officially, from the Apple website and totally free.

Apple Beta Software Program

For some time, Apple has allowed users without a developer account to test the Betas of its new operating systems before they are officially released. To do so you just have to register on their website (link) using your Apple account, and from there you can already install any of the Public Betas you want on your devices.

iOS 16 and iPad OS 16

Once you have registered on the Apple website for the Public Beta program, all you have to do is, from the device on which you want to install the Beta, go to the website and there download the certificate. Once installed on your device and after restarting it, it will appear in Settings>General>Software Update the update for the iOS 16 Beta and iPadOS 16.

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macOS Ventura

On the Mac the procedure is somewhat different. If you are already enrolled in the Public Beta program, go to this link (Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility) to download the app that will give you access to the Public Beta. Install it like any application, and you can now access the macOS Ventura update from the system settings.

watch OS 9

To install the watchOS 9 Beta on your Apple Watch you must start the procedure on your iPhone, obviously linked to the Apple Watch on which you want to install the Beta. In your iPhone browser click on this link (Download profile) to download the profile, and when asked where you want to install it select Apple Watch. Restart the Apple Watch and in Settings> General> Software Update, the update to the watchOS 9 Public Beta will appear. Keep in mind that there is no going back in installing the Beta on your watch.


For the first time Apple allows the installation of the Public Beta on the HomePod, although only on the HomePod mini, not the original. To do this you must first install the Beta on your iPhone or iPad, and once installed, within the Home application, and within the Home Settings you must enter the Software Update menu, where the Beta updates menu will appear and you will be able to select which HomePod mini (if you have multiple) you want to install the Beta on. As with the Apple Watch, there is no turning back here.

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On Apple TV it is very easy to install the Public Beta. The only requirement is have the account you registered in the Public Beta program addedand access the Preferences> System> Software Update menu where you will see the Public Beta option, activate it and you will be able to install the update.