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How to hide photos on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

How to hide photos on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

One of the options that we have available on iOS and Mac is to hide photos from our album. Any photo can be hidden in gallery and even since the arrival of iOS 14 the hidden album that is created to store these photos can even be disabled so that these photos are completely hidden. What previous iOS versions allow us to do is hide the photos but they appear in the gallery within the Hidden Album, with the version of the iOS 14 operating system this photo gallery can be totally “removed from view” rather than deleted.

But let’s go in parts. The first thing we have to do is hide the photos or videos that we want and for this we have to follow these steps:

  This is what the iPhone 14 “pill” notch could look like

Now we can see these photos outside the photo gallery inside the “Hidden Album” that appears at the bottom of the photo albums. Is at the bottom under “More items”. And now we are going to make this new album that is created automatically disappear completely. To do this we have to go to the Settings of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and follow these steps:

With this action what we have achieved is to deactivate the hidden album in the menu and therefore we will no longer see the photos that are there. Everyone is free to use this little trick as they want, but don’t let it be for bad things! 😉

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If you want to see the album again simply check the settings again and to have the photos visible again simply click on the photo inside the hidden album and again use the share button (square with an arrow) to this time click on “Show”