How to have a million friends and thus be able to tweet louder

There has always been a sort of mania on Twitter with visible numbers, which the tool presents, in its upper right corner: famous followers or followers. The virus of desire for recognition, as well as that of accumulation, becomes something terrible. People can go to great lengths to increase the number of followers they have on Twitter. For some it is simple ego and for others the illusion of gaining influence in a certain community or segment (and perhaps one day changing followers for mirrors). In the name of the sum of followers, concepts are created and justified that break common sense and the asymmetrical way in which the tool must manage contacts. Invisible mini armies are formed to defend this or that way of acting, in a war where everyone has lost without even starting. Because ultimately everyone does what they want on Twitter, a maxim that many forget and which makes personal crusades completely irrelevant. Everyone builds their own Twitter, a tailor-made suit is created, which basically will reflect a lot about your personality and your way of seeing life.

While everyone can do what they want with their Twitter, there are ways to approach the tool that definitely save you time, allow you to build a strong and interesting community, and make quality a determining factor. From receiving great messages and valuable content to interacting with great people and experts. I'm not going to discuss the issue of reciprocity on Twitter (I have done so on other occasions) because I don't think it's essential right now, where it seems that for some, the number on the corner matters more than distilling the magic that it means to have a tool as powerful as Twitter, without having to pay anything for it.

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Whether you're new to Twitter or have been around for a while, keep in mind that the way the tool was designed is completely asymmetrical in contact management. There are three possible states for them on Twitter: you follow an account (person, outlet, business) that does not follow you, an account follows you and you do not follow it, or two accounts follow each other. I use the word « account » because currently Twitter is not just about people, a Twitter user can be an individual, a group of people, a company, a media outlet or a watch.

Now let's move on to what's really important, let's take back the common sense that we sometimes forget in the last drawer in the kitchen, let's dust off and think. What happens if I try to make something symmetrical that isn't naturally symmetrical?. Well, very easy, we will spend a lot of time trying to achieve this symmetry and along the way we will waste great resources and we will have spare material that we cannot use. You will spend hours and hours playing reciprocity, building hidden lists, pressing buttons, looking for tools that help you make automatic what is not automatic, and you will follow dozens of people which have nothing to do with you. Missing out on the magic of that hidden tweet that could have helped you find a new job or the love of your life.

You've probably noticed that I'm talking about two different topics, the mania for having more followers and how Twitter is asymmetrical when it comes to managing contacts. It all fits together when it comes to understanding how you can create a better Twitter for yourself and gain more followers. Of course, like many cooking recipes, you can prepare scrambled eggs any way you like, adding as much salt as you want, but there are some things that don't digest very well. While you have every right to collect all the salt from all the seas to make the “best” scrambled eggs in history, there will be times when you have to eat them yourself.

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My main advice is to always think more about quality than quantity. Getting followers organically is better than getting a thousand in one go. Of course, it depends on whether you want them to read you or just be a number. If you're only interested in numbers, you're putting too much salt on your Twitter. What happens if several people add you at the same time without even knowing who you are?. May the person who started following you think more about salt than taste. If your goal is to be influential, or at least to let someone in the woods know that you're cutting down a tree, your way of gaining followers should be focused on the content you generate, not Houdini tricks -esque as you can find. in the game. path.

There is something I read a while ago by Robert Scoble that I think is a great summary of how to be on Twitter, and although difficult to achieve, it is a guide that can inspire you:

Make every tweet magical!

Keeping this in mind, with the previous concepts clearer, there are a series of recommendations and tips you can follow to increase the quantity (along with the quality) of people who follow you:

How to get more followers on Twitter?

  • Focus on writing and generating valuable tweets for people who follow you based on the areas of knowledge that you are proficient in and are an expert.
  • Try to write 80% of tweets related to current events, your world view, opinions, interesting things you find and only 20% to very personal things or your own projects. This 20% is important, it’s what ends up making your account human.
  • Be yourself, don't try to be someone else or try to please everyone. It's better to be authentic than to distil hypocrisy for the whole world to follow.
  • If you have a great passion, share it. If you like jazz, write and recommend other musicians and albums. If you like games, write about the latest releases, recommend the ones that suit you best.
  • Stay away from magic solutions. Even if you increase your number of followers, your readers will not necessarily increase.
  • Don't overuse RTs.
  • Share information and links to interesting things you read or find.
  • Read your timeline regularly and participate in conversations.
  • Use the Twitter search engine and find the topics that interest you the most, respond to other users, join the conversation.
  • Be honest.
  • Use hashtags. Whenever there is a big event, a keyword is generated so everyone can see what everyone else is saying. If you have something to say at these events, or on a particular topic, discover the hashtag, give your opinion and join the conversation.
  • @jamvtw's advice is simple and sums it up well: “…it's so simple, you have to write good tweets, that's all. »
  • Attend local Twitter meetups to meet in person many of the people you already talk to online. And if you didn't know, if someone likes you in the real world, the same will happen in the virtual world.
  • Give your opinion, say what you feel, even if you think you might upset others. Of course, do it in a polite and cordial manner.
  • Do not insult or be rude.
  • Respond when they ask you something.
  • Listen to people like: @Quiquex, @Ramd0m, @Takashiari, @magdalenaday, @tiagox, @webjac.
  • If you have a brewery you can follow @H4nk's idea :).
  • Put a photo on your profile, use your full name, create a good description, personalize your background. The less robot-like you are, the more humans will be interested in following you. The more robot you are, the more robots will follow you.
  • Use humor. Fresh and fun posts receive the most RTs.
  • Show your Twitter account on your business card. If you are a business, publish your Twitter account in your advertising.
  • And finally, never forget try to make every tweet magical.
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With these tips and concepts, you just need to have a little patience. If you have the enthusiasm to join the conversation and share your knowledge and opinions, your followers and the quality of your Twitter will continue to grow and the best thing is that you will have time to take care of what is really important , by putting just a pinch of salt in your meals.

If you have any additional tips, you can do so in the comments or on my Twitter @intiI will answer you with pleasure. You can also follow me if you wish, one tweet in 100 that I make has magic 🙂 (it's not easy to achieve this). Yes, I barely put salt in food. I hope this post is helpful to you.

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