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How to free up the space from your smartphone occupied by WhatsApp

How to free up the space from your smartphone occupied by WhatsApp

All owners of an Android smartphone have found themselves, sooner or later, having to deal with little big problems of memory space and how to free that memory. Among the main memory “devourers” of our smartphone, there is one of the most popular messaging applications: WhatsApp.

Although it is an extremely useful app, which has become part of our daily life, WhatsApp can become a big problem when it comes to internal space, preventing you from downloading new applications or saving files, photos or videos. WhatsApp, in fact, automatically saves in the internal memory any element is shared in all WhatsApp chats, from files to photos. Think of all the conversations made on WhatsApp or all the active groups with several people, the good morning messages and the photos of the group of relatives. In a very short time, the much loved application risks occupying Gigabytes of memory with impunity.

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The question that remains is always:

How to free up space from our Android smartphone?

Deleting WhatsApp files from the smartphone file manager is certainly an effective and immediate method whose effect, however, risks ending very soon, making you fall back into the problem. The most effective solution in the long run is to change the basic WhatsApp settings.

To do this, just follow these steps:

– Open WhatsApp
-Select “Settings”
-Select “Space and data”

From here you can choose to have only certain items automatically downloaded, such as photos or audio, or do not download any items. In this case it would be up to you to manually decide what to download and what not. Here you will also be able to change the download settings allowing the mobile to download files and documents only “When using the mobile network” or “When connected via Wi-Fi”. This could also help you to reduce the consumption of the cellular data network.

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In these settings you can also see which and how many elements weigh more on our memory. They will be highlighted files that weigh more than 5MBand which therefore take up more space, so as to eliminate them more easily.