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How to Force Close Apps in iOS 6

How to Force Close Apps in iOS 6

We continue to discover features of iOS 6, we have already talked about iMessage, restrictions and Do Not Disturb, and today we are going to explain how to force close an app that has stopped responding. If something characterizes iOS, it is its stability. I think the occasions in which my iPad has been blocked with an official iOS version (without Jailbreak) I can count them on the fingers of one hand, and I would have fingers left over. But although this is true, no one is safe from your device being blocked at some point, especially if you have the Jailbreak done, whatever they say, it always gives some instability to the system (although it can be minimized by being careful with the applications that are installed). When the device remains unresponsive, and not even pressing the home button can you exit the application, normally what is resorted to is to turn off the device and start again.

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But there is a method that allows you to close the problematic application, and it is quite effective. When an application stops responding and we cannot close it even by pressing the start button, we must press and hold the power button (the upper one) until the “slide to turn off” screen appears, then we immediately release the button and hold down the home button (the round one) of our iPad, and after a few seconds, the The app will close, the springboard for our device will appear, and everything should work properly again. If this also fails you, you should try to turn off the device, and if you can’t, you will only have to do a “Hard Reboot”pressing and holding the power and home buttons at the same time until the apple appears and the device restarts.

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