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How to follow the Tokyo Olympics with Alexa and Fire Tv Stick

How to follow the Tokyo Olympics with Alexa and Fire Tv Stick

With Alexa And Fire Tv Stick it will be possible to follow every match of the Olympics, so as not to lose a single medal and always be updated on the latest results. The Italian athletes who will take the field in their respective disciplines are 384and with Alexa devices you will always be informed about their sporting feats.

By asking Alexa “Alexa, what happened at the Olympics?” you will be able to listen to and watch the highlights of the Tokyo races every day. You will be able to listen to the live audio and watch videos (up to 5 per day) on Echo devices equipped with a screen and Fire TV Stick.

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Alexa and Fire Tv Stick with Discovery for the Olympics

The skill was developed by Discovery +, defined as “The House” of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The platform in Italy will be live with more than 3000 hours of content, to then provide the show of the Olympics also on demand. There will then be exclusive interviews, insights and many sports analyzes with the best experts for each discipline.

Through the skill “Alexa, what Olympic athlete am I?” you can play with Alexa by taking a personality test. The voice assistant will ask questions, to match the fan to the Italian athlete who most represents him according to the results.

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Amazon and sport in the era of Covid-19

Recall that Alexa and Fire Tv Stick are products of Amazon, which aims to establish itself more and more as an entertainment giant by increasing attention to sports content. Although they do not allow you to follow the events live, the aforementioned functions will allow you to always be updated and follow the most spectacular moments of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Considering how complex and difficult the last year and a half has been, for the whole world, the Olympics certainly are a further step towards normality, an opportunity to demonstrate recovery and the will to restart. All that remains is to hope that Covid-19 will not further complicate this very important sporting event.