How to find good and cheap iPad cases


  • Front protections – Smart Cover
  • Complete cases for iPad – Smart Case
  • Base covers only on the back

The iPad Pro 9.7 is here, and with it the new cases. As usually happens, new iPads cause the old covers to not fit very well. On the other hand, we have another even more difficult problem, we still have the iPad Air 2, a very powerful and surprisingly cheap model that reaps good sales, however, we cannot find anywhere the case of origin. Don't worry, In iPad News we are going to give you some tips for finding good, beautiful and inexpensive covers for your iPad, because we must protect our tablets well, because the iPad is a product that lasts a long time.

In short, the task of finding the right case for our iPad is becoming difficult lately, but the first thing we should ask ourselves is What type of coverage do I need? Once we have this clear idea, we can proceed with the purchase in our trusted establishment or directly on a website such as Amazon or eBay, the first being the most recommended by me. Amazon has a large number of cases of all types and prices, and as always with the guarantees that the Jeff Bezos store offers, so be prepared to go to Amazon in search of the lost case.

Front protections – Smart Cover

In the Apple world they are known as Smart Covers, they are covers that take advantage of the magnetic section of the iPad in order to create a front curtain, which in turn will allow us to place the iPad in different positions . These cases are very lightweight and recommended, however, they do not provide complete protection for the iPad. If it's drop protection you're looking for, you should forget about it. The Smart Cover only serves to protect the screen from scratches during transport and to act as a stand for the iPad, nothing more. The price is lower, of course, and it is less bulky, but it has its faults. We can also find them of Apple's own brand, or with many substitutes from other brands. However, in the case of the Smart Cover, we will directly recommend the Apple one, it is the most resistant and the best designed, those of the substitute brands will give you more headaches than anything else.

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Another way to protect our iPad from the front is the famous tempered glassIf they existed for the iPhone, why wouldn't they exist for the iPad? We can regularly find them in supermarkets like Primark, but as always, Amazon is going to be our main source. They can be found from €5 and up to €15. We don't recommend spending much more on this product because the iPad isn't something that drops often and the difference between other price point crystals isn't really worth it.

Complete cases for iPad – Smart Case

The full covers are like the Smart Cover, with the guarantee that they also have a back made of whatever material we choose to protect our iPad. These are the most recommended, from the classic Apple to any substitute. The JTech and ESR brands are fantastic, we have tested them and can recommend them. Other brands, however, tend to use very weak magnets that cause the iPad to slide around and not secure it well. For this reason, we recommend these two brands in addition to the original Apple one, although testing the quality of an ESR case for the iPad and the original Apple one, maybe the €60 difference isn't worth it.

Base covers only on the back

We also have the typical back covers like that of the iPhone, these are intended to protect only the back of our iPad and we find them in hard materials or silicone. We recommend that you throw them away, there is nothing like being able to place your iPad vertically on the table, and for that you will need covers with magnets. These are cheaper, but not useful enough to consider.

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