How to delete the backups we have in iCloud

The space that Apple gives us for free in iCloud only for Apple ID users is extremely small, 5 GB, which, according to users, is not enough even for a single backup. However, some are satisfied with these 5 GB. In short, to save space we can delete some of the backup copies that we already have stored in our iCloud. In Actualidad iPad we want to teach you how to easily delete the backup copies that we have in iCloud, a new tutorial to help you get the most out of your iPad.

The procedure is quite simple, but you will have to follow our steps that we indicate below, this way you will avoid possible errors that will cost you a dislike:

  1. How could it be otherwise, first of all we go to the iPhone Settings section.
  2. We navigate through the menu “general  » until  » Storage and iCloud
  3. Once inside, at the top we will see the total storage of the device, at the bottom the iCloud storage, which interests us.
  4. We click on “Manage storage space”.
  5. Here we can see the list and dates of our backups. When we select one, a new menu of options will open.
  6. In this menu, the list of applications that have stored their information in iCloud will appear, along with other functions. You must wait for the properties of this backup to load effectively, and at the bottom, in red, the word “delete this copy“.
  7. If we press it, the backup will be deleted.
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As a guide you can use the header image, which is quite enlightening, since it represents the three steps that we must follow if we want to eliminate those backup copies from our iOS devices that are stored in iCloud and consume everything space.

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