How to delete sections of Facebook Messenger that we don't use (tweak)

On Android, if we want to customize the options of an application, we can use different mods or use third-party applications not available in the Google Play Store. But iOS users if they want to use third-party apps or have the ability to customize their apps, the only option available is in jailbreak, since officially there is no other way to install apps on our device which does not go through the App Store application store. Today we are going to talk about the Envoy application, a tweak that allows us to hide some of the options of the Facebook Messenger application, options that we do not use or plan to use in the future.

Facebook has accustomed us to releasing an update to the Messenger application every two weeks, updates that we never know what they are until we have installed it and have not opened the application. every update brings us more garbage that is placed in the middle of conversations making it increasingly difficult to be able to concentrate or know exactly where we need to click to start or continue a conversation. It is precisely all this garbage in the middle that allows us to eliminate this tweak.

If we use the app regularly we can see how it is only at the top the last three conversations we had are displayed and right in the middle we find other options that many users find useless and that we would like to see disappear. To see the rest of the conversations, I have to scroll down.

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The Envoy tweak allows us to remove these annoying options from Facebook Messenger so that they no longer bother us in the future. Exactly allows us to remove the Favorites and Assets tab now, laying out all the conversations we've had so far. In the configuration options we find the two options that we can activate or deactivate depending on our preferences and the use we make of the application. Envoy is available as a free download via the BigBoss repository and of course requires that we have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed, which is also available as a free download from the App Store.

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