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The problem with having everything synced is that sometimes it gets boring or duplicated, so sometimes we need to configure certain aspects of our iOS device that make our life a little more comfortable. You'd think that's what they mean with syncing between social networks, but sometimes it causes more inconvenience than support. In this case the integration between Facebook and iOS is total, to the point that we can also have Facebook contacts on our device. The question is: why do we want the Facebook contacts of what we don't even have the phone number for? Because Today we will teach you how to delete or hide Facebook contacts on iPhone and iPad.

To hide Facebook contacts

This section has always caused problems, but Apple refuses to « fix » it. When we enter the contacts application, at the top left it says “groups“, and no one knows what it is for, in fact many users don't even know it is there, but it is used to hide or show contacts according to groups at any time. However, the vast majority of mortals have all contact together and do not form groups. If we enter this option, groups will appear based on the applications that have access to contacts, in this case Facebook.

We enter the groups, uncheck “All Facebook contacts» and they will be hidden from our agenda.

Delete Facebook contacts

When the dog is dead, there is no more rabies. I choose not to sync them. For this we turn to the settingsin the Facebook section, the classic switches of “Contacts”, “Facebook” and “Calendar”. In this case, we will press the “Contacts” switch to leave it disabled, and they will disappear from our device permanently. If we see that time passes and they do not disappear, we click on “Update contacts” which appears just below these switches in light blue.

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