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How to activate your island backup in Animal Crossing New Horizons


How to activate your island backup in Animal Crossing New Horizons

With the latest update, finally too Animal Crossing New Horizons gives the player the ability to do the cloud backup of your game. Unlike other games, however, this save doesn’t go through the console’s normal backup interface Nintendo Switch, and it must also activate it explicitly. We therefore explain, in this article, how to activate the backup of your island for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Back up in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To be able to backup in the cloud, some requirements are first of all necessary. First you must have downloaded the update of the July 30, 2020, which includes this new feature. Then it is obviously necessary to be connected to Internet to be able to upload the data. Finally, and this is actually the most important requirement, an active subscription to the service is required Nintendo Switch Online. This subscription, in addition to allowing data backup for this and other games, is the same one that allows play online in titles for which online multiplayer is planned, such as Splatoon 2.

Once these requirements have been verified, we just have to open Animal Crossing and wait for the title screen to appear. From here, without entering our game, we will have to open the Settings by pressing the key less (), as also indicated by the icon at the bottom left.

In the settings we will find, as usual, Tom Nook. In addition to the classic two options “Save data“(To clear a player’s data or completely reset the island) and”NookLink“(To connect the app Nintendo Switch Online to the game), the “Island backup“.

Tom Nook warns us that this service will only come in handy in case the Nintendo Switch console comes lost or damaged. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to activate it to make sure that the save data is periodically uploaded to the cloud. Overcome a few lines of dialogue and explanation, which also underline the requirements seen above, we will finally be able to activate the new functionality.

The backup will take place from now on in the backgroundeven with the Switch in Rest mode, as long as it is connected to the Internet. Unlike other games, we will not be able to manually control the loading of data, but we should rely on this automatic mode.

We will still be able to verify the date and theNow of the latest backup on the title screen. These two pieces of information will appear in the lower left corner next to the backup icon.

Why so much waiting?

If its introduction is more than welcome within the game, you may be wondering why it took Nintendo so many months to implement such a fundamental feature, especially in a title where many players invest. hundreds of hours of time.

The answer probably lies in its very particular implementation. By imposing automatic backups controlled by the game itself, the Japanese house probably wanted to try to minimize attempts to abuse this function.

With the Nintendo Switch default backup system, in fact, it is not difficult to load a save in the cloud and use it to dynamically restore a previous state of the game, even after you have continued to play. And in Animal Crossing surely this possibility would have been exploited and abusedfor example for duplicate objects And accumulate huge amounts of stars. Nintendo’s delay remains open to criticism, but we still feel very relieved by the arrival of this feature.