How many gigabytes fit in the human brain?

Our brain is probably the organ that most closely resembles a modern computer. Not only can it process, assimilate and solve various problems, but also, thanks to memory, we can store information, use it, access it and interpret it. like from any USB keyto make an analogy, it was.

Butwhat is the capacity of this memory? TO DOhas a limit? We will have forgotten many things on many occasions which can make us doubt, but the human brain's ability to learn and store information seems limitless at the moment. The task of calculating in bytes the memories we can retain is not exactly easy, especially since we do not know of a reliable method for mathematically measuring memory, but a simple study of the biological properties of the brain allows us to discover as we do not have to worry about “not staying put” at any point in our lives.

We have about a hundred billion neurons, which in turn form about 1,000 connections (maybe more) with other neurons. Make an approximate calculation, taking into account that with all these connections we multiply the capacity of our brain, we can store about 2.5 petabytes. To get an idea, such storage capacity means 3 million hours of video, or around 300 years of continuous playback.

For other things it might be worth worrying about, but of course whether we will ever stop learning and discovering new things, of course not.

Via: Neatorama | Photo: Nanotechnology

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