How does LEGO Super Mario work? We tried it for you


  • How does LEGO Super Mario work?
  • The challenge: Fjona against Erika

The first time we heard LEGO Super Mario we were overwhelmed by enthusiasm. It's the union between one of the world's most beloved physical games and the most famous video game character on the planet: containing emotion is – and was – impossible.

But aside from the excitement of the announcement, it's time to find out how this particular set of sets actually works.

How does LEGO Super Mario work?

First of all, know that there is no single set. We indeed have it Starter Kit accompanied by other sets, larger or smaller, that expand their size and functionality and put different characters in your hands.

We experienced the basic version, which includes the beginning and end of the path, a series of elements to animate the game, Super Mario and Bowser Jr.

How is it assembled? Well, with imagination!

There are no specific instructions inside the package. In fact, the paper only offers you to download the dedicated application, vital for editing and gaming.

The application, available for Android and iOS, will first explain how to animate Mario – which requires 2 AAA batteries, not included – then how to build the different components of the circuit. BUILD, not COMBINE. What you will have to do. Once the start and finish are set, you will have to decide how to organize everything else, with the possibility of extending the journey using other sets on the market.

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At this point we are playing.
The first step is Turn on our mustachioed plumber. Suddenly his blue eyes will appear and the hidden display on his chest will start showing simple numbers and images. Nothing complex: on the one hand it will tell you how many seconds you have and on the other hand it will tell you water, fire or desert depending on the surface on which it is located.
In fact, underneath there is a sensor capable of recognizing the different parts: red is clearly lava, blue is water, yellow is desert and there is a striped pattern for clouds.

After clarifying all of this, it's time to move on to the second step: move Mario on the path.

You have 60 seconds to get from the start to the final flag by collecting as many coins as possible.
There is no right way to approach your personal level. The only thing required is the desire to commit and abandon conventions for a moment.
Super Mario can do somersaults in the void, attack a goomba repeatedly, climb a floating cloud or defeat Bowser Jr. The choice is yours.
But be careful: lava causes parts to be lost as well as accidental falls.
Plus, remember the time!

At the end of your minute of play Super Mario will tell you how many coins you have collected. The application also displays this information but with a plus: you can review in detail everything you have done. Plus, you can take a photo of the track to inspire other players like you.

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The challenge: Fjona against Erika

But stop chattering and see LEGO Super Mario in action. Indeed, Fjona and Erika have decided to challenge each other. Here's how it went!

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