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Hopium Machina: Tesla’s hydrogen challenge comes from France

Hopium Machina: Tesla’s hydrogen challenge comes from France

Whether we like it or not, we must admit that Tesla’s success so far has inspired many manufacturers, who dream of being able to revolutionize the automobile as the now no longer visionary Elon Musk did. After Lucid Motorswhich has revealed a few more details of its Air, an electric sedan competing with the Model S, it’s the turn of Hopium, newborn French manufacturer with huge ambitions, as he simply wants to become Tesla’s equivalent in the field of functioning cars a hydrogen. To achieve this, the company unveiled its first vehicle, the Hopium Machina, a luxury sedan equipped with a fuel cell. A project that took more than two years of work, due to the numerous technical constraints due to this currently still relatively underdeveloped technology.

With the Hopium Machina concept car, the company clearly reveals its goal of becoming the equivalent of the Tesla Model S a hydrogen. Its clean lines have been specially designed to optimize air penetration and thus reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

Hopium Machina but Tesla performance

Like the Tesla Model S, the Hopium Machina wants to offer performance at the highest levels, with no less than 500 horsepower under the hood. A feat, given that no hydrogen model currently marketed exceeds 160 horsepower. The sedan will also be equipped with a buffer battery, which will allow better management of power peaks. With a range of around 1,000km, this Hopium Machina takes just three minutes to refuel and will also be equipped with an autonomous driving system.

However, we will still have to wait before discovering the entire technical data sheet of this sedan, whose first “real” prototype will be unveiled in June 2021. The production version, however it shouldn’t be on the market before 2026. Then it will take € 120,000 for the cheaper version of this sports car, which will be produced in and sold in France, and then exported to China, South Korea, Japan and the United States, serving as a technological showcase for hydrogen cars.

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