Holiday home: here are 8 simple rules for booking your accommodation online in complete safety


  • The holidays are upon us
  • Eight tips for booking a vacation home

Subito, Postal Police and UNC – National Consumers Union they wanted to join forces to offer, in view of the arrival of summer, 8 tips for reserving the vacation home online with more security.

The holidays are upon us

The arrival of summer brings with it the beginning of the search for one's own vacation homealongside the survey to identify the best opportunities and offers to plan their vacation.

These searches would be carried out almost entirely online: this is what the Politecnico di Milano reveals, according to which the segment of “non-digital” tourists, or those who did not want to use the Internet to organize their vacations, would only represent 2% of Italians between 18 and 75 years old.

A similar trend and associated risks have driven Subito, Postal Police and UNC – National Consumers Unionto provide concrete support to vacationers, through eight rules to follow to find your vacation accommodation online in complete safety.

Eight tips for booking a vacation home

Subito, Postal Police and UNC – National Consumers Union has thus provided all holidaymakers in the organizational phase with 8 tips, intended to enable them to book theirs in complete safety vacation home.

  1. Do the photos of the accommodation appeal to you? Check their veracity by searching for them on the web photo search engine, to be sure that they are not just stock photos;
  2. Before choosing a house based on its position, you should always look for the street indicated on the maps available on the web, then use the satellite view to check the correspondence between the property and the neighborhood;
  3. Having further confirmations can always be useful, which is why it is advisable to contact the advertiser via chat on the platform and to deepen the information about the accommodation also through telephone conversations;
  4. The price is fundamental in the choice: to understand if the latter is too high or too low, it can always be useful to research the area via the platform where the advertising is present;
  5. Rather than opting for digital payments, always try to meet the advertiser, to view the house live and hand over the amount due in person;
  6. Never send personal documents such as identity card and driving license, which could always be released;
  7. In the event that it is not possible to remit the amount due face to face, make payments only on IBAN or via tracked payment methods, checking the validity of the IBAN and the account associated with the help tools such as the IBAN calculator.
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Do these tips seem useful to you?

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