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Hobbiton in Minecraft style

Hobbiton in Minecraft style

A group of players from Minecraft known as Planetminecraft has recreated the mythical Hobbiton, a village known for being the home of the hobbits of sagas like ‘The Lord of the rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’:

The mythology of JRR Tolkien comes to Minecraft

Based on the writings and drawings made by JRR Tolkien, and what the trilogies of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the rings’; a group of 25 people endeavored to create as faithful as possible to Hobbiton. As expected, the design of this map had a special focus on the dwelling known as “The Closed Bag”, which belonged to Frodo and Bilbo Baggins during these famous fantasy sagas. Apparently what PlanetMinecraft did was so impressive, that even one of the official Facebook pages of ‘The Hobbit’ He shared this video on his wall.

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The group has a complete project with the aim of recreating all possible scenarios of Middle Earth called «Middle-Earth Project », where they have already managed to build the mines of moria, Edora and even a giant version of The Ring.

Beyond this project to recreate middle earth, PlanetMinecraft also plans to build the city of Los Santos (GTA V), among others.

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