Hiroshi Ishiguro presents a new robot, the era of the Cylons is near

Many readers surely know Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, an institution when it comes to creating humanoid robots, or if not him, he surely does some of his varied creations that usually appear in all media (he made a  » clone” of himself and all, Geminoid HI-1).

Well, in the last few hours Ishiguro, who works at Osaka University, has just presented another new humanoid robot with which I personally think he has outdone himself and if you watch the video that accompanies this post, you will understand why.

This time the creation is called Geminoid F Yes the degree of similarity of it with the human model on which they based themselves to make the robot is simply impressive. In addition to this, the effort put into ensuring that the robot can reproduce facial expressions with the highest possible degree of realism is also highlighted.

Geminoid F's face is equipped with twelve pneumatic actuators that allow it to reproduce facial expressions such as smiles, varied looks or angry gestures. Said pneumatic system, as in Ishiguro's previous creations, is controlled remotely from a computer with the difference that in this case they have added facial recognition software that captures the expressions reproduced by the robot.

And finally, I am left with something that Ishiguro himself has stated several times: in a short time, it will be very difficult for us to discern between a robot and a human being. We still have a long way to go, yes, but the age of the Cylons is approaching.

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