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Here’s what Italian Christmas shopping will be like this year

Here’s what Italian Christmas shopping will be like this year

What will the numbers and habits of Italians be as regards Christmas shopping?

A search by Yahoo, carried out by the British international market research company YouGov, tells us. The research was actually developed in seven countries of the European Union, and five indicators were considered. So let’s see, according to this research, how Italians’ Christmas shopping will be in 2021.

The sample analyzed in the research

The research conducted by YouGov for Yahoo involved 1,000 consumers for each of the seven European Union countries in which it took place. That is, in addition to Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

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The aspects covered by the survey are online and offline shopping, purchasing planning, concern for problems related to product availability, sustainability, spending power and which products will be most popular. The study should help companies set up their communication for Christmas shopping.

Yahoo’s comment

Christina Lundari, Managing Director Yahoo Italy, summarizes the spirit of Christmas shopping in 2021 as follows: “Sustainability, giving experiences rather than products, concerns related to international problems of supply and logistics, but also the desire to share and be together with family and friends , enjoying the proximity. Christmas 2021 is the mirror of the period we are experiencing and there is a desire and commitment to live different experiences compared to last year’s holidays. However, there are some apprehensions that brands need to help overcome, reassuring their target and supporting them in purchasing decisions.

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Our research is a guide to campaigns and strategies for the holidays. But it is also a compass on changes in audience habits and consumption that helps marketers to support their target and respond to their ever-changing needs “.

The five themes of investigation

Five main topics of investigation of Yahoo’s research. That is: the predisposition to purchases, the time of purchases, the values ​​of the consumers, the motivations of the consumers, the attention of the consumers.

These are the aspects that business marketers will have to focus on most. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

The predisposition to purchases

For the next Christmas shopping, one in four Italians plans to invest less this year, but the 16 to 34 year old group will spend more.

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The average expenditure for Christmas purchases should be on average 242.00 euros, against for example 225 in 2017. 66% of Italians interviewed by YouGov stated that they will spend like last year, 19% will have a lower budget, while 10% will invest more.

The various postpayment formulas (Buy Now, Pay Later or BNPL) are of interest to Italians. According to the research, 28% have already used this type of service, a percentage that among 34-44 year olds rises to 36% and 43% among Yahoo users.

The time of shopping

41% of the 1,000 Italians interviewed plan to search for gifts already in the months leading up to December. Before the pandemic, the percentage was 35%.

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November is a peak month for shopping, thanks to the week of Black Friday. Period in which 16-34 year olds are 45% more likely to make purchases in anticipation of Christmas.

20% (which becomes 27% between 16-24 year olds) anticipate purchases because they are worried about the possible decrease in the availability of goods with the approach of the holidays.

And the types of gifts that Italians are most interested in? Food and drinks, gift cards & vouchers, products for the home and garden.

Consumer values

Here an interesting fact stands out: the Italian consumers surveyed, in 82% of cases, are more predisposed than in the past to buy locally produced food and goods (percentage that rises to 85% for those over 55).

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In addition, 43% of 16-34 year olds will buy more second-hand products and prefer renting to buying. 53% of this age group prefer to give experiences instead of products.

As many as 85% of the sample, aware of the problems related to the disposal of product packaging, prefer solutions made with biodegradable, sustainable or recyclable materials.

The motivations of consumers

Despite the continued growth of e-commerce, 85% of Italians will make at least part of their Christmas shopping in traditional shops.

47% of consumers (compared to 29% in 2020) want to maintain the double approach, evaluating the benefits of online and physical stores from time to time. For the youngest (86% interested in immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual reality) shopping is also a social experience to share with friends or family.

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Consumer attention

The youngest in 35% of cases are more influenced by online advertising. While press and TV have more appeal to adults aged 55 and over. Women and young people 16-34 are also attracted to advice from bloggers and influencers.

More specifically, Yahoo users were particularly attentive to the shopping experience: 25% of them are interested in using the QR code in stores to receive information on a product or to place an order online.