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Here is the new RPG that works with Alexa, it’s called Starfinder

Here is the new RPG that works with Alexa, it’s called Starfinder

Amazon is about to launch a new one Role playing game which will work thanks to your device Alexa: the game in question is called Starfinder. Let’s find out how to play the title available on the Amazon device.

“Alexa, play Starfinder”: how to play?

The game is voiced by Nathan Fillion, mainly known for Firefly and Castle. Fillion also voiced Cayde-6 in Destiny 2 and plays a major role in The last Of Us Part 2. Starfinder on Alexa is inspired by the namesake. board RPG game.

However, Amazon says it worked closely with the creators to ensure its version offered a gaming approach “Without knowledge”. What does it mean? It means you can easily try the game available on the Amazon device, without necessarily knowing the tabletop one.

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The game on Alexa is very faithful to the original game and it mainly is driven by storytelling. This makes complete sense as it is played through a voice-activated speaker.

Starfinder is already available for testing. It is an ad game episodes: the first half is almost completely available, for the second we will have to wait a little longer because it will be available from October. If you are curious, you can also reproduce thepilot episode of Starfinder, initially launched late last year.

Let it be the episode pilot that the first I’m free, so you can try them out and see if it’s the perfect game for you. If the game manages to win your heart, you can keep playing for $ 2 per episode or pay directly $ 10 and get all six episodes.

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At the moment, however, you can only try the pilot episode ei first three of the series.

Finally, Amazon confirms that each episode has a duration of two hours and that aside from playing time, players will be able to direct the narrative and the game result with the choices they will make.

If you have an Amazon Echo Alexa device and are curious to try the game, a simple voice command will allow you to try the title. Just say the magic words: “Alexa, open Starfinder” and your adventure will begin.