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Here is the largest PlayStation 5 in the world

Here is the largest PlayStation 5 in the world

Upon the release of the PS5 console, its size undoubtedly shocked many gaming enthusiasts. Still, the devices we have seen on the market are certainly not among the largest in the world. This primacy, in fact, belongs to the PlayStation 5 of Zachary “ZHC” Hsieh, a young Californian artist who recently embarked on a YouTuber career. Apparently, ZHC owns the largest console in the world: 3 meters high and with 277 Kg of weight. The purchase price? Well 70 thousand dollars, a figure that was perhaps worth spending, considering that this PS5 also boasts a huge Dual Sense controller. But let’s find out something about this gigantic console.

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PS5: The largest console in the world is 3 meters high

For those unfamiliar with him, Zachary Hsieh is a very young YouTuber who has managed to conquer over 19 million users in just two years. The secret of its success? Video sharing in which he transforms expensive and sought-after objects into real works of art: iPhones, iPads, but also cars and luxury homes. This time around, however, ZHC has decided to customize its gigantic-sized PS5 console. And to do so, he has decided to challenge his collaborators: whoever presents the best project to turn the console into a work of art will win a PlayStation 5. Full-sized, of course.

It took well 100 hours to color the largest console in the world. And, in the end, the winner was the same Zachary Hsieh, who however decided to reward his challengers anyway. For his part, the young Californian already has a PS5 and a Dual Sense controller that no one else has. After all, having a 3-meter high console is really lucky, however bulky it may be. So remember not to complain about the space your beloved PlayStation takes up anymore. ZHC had to manage something much more cumbersome.