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Here is the first image of Netflix’s Gundam

Here is the first image of Netflix’s Gundam

After numerous rumors, Netflix publishes the first official image of the film dedicated to Mobile Suit Gundam.

Netflix breaks the mystery around Gundam: here is the first image

Work continues on the live action film dedicated to Gundamdirected by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The latter, already famous for Kong: Skull Island, will direct the work written and scripted by Brian K. Vaughan (former author of Y: The Last Man). From the moment of the announcement of the film, Netflix it has preserved an atmosphere of mystery around the production, of which practically nothing is known. At least until today, when the first image of the film, released by Netflix, drove fans crazy.

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In the still image we see the RX-78 engulfed in flames, in what could be one of the first scenes of the film. The latter should take up, more or less faithfully, the story of the original anime. We will then follow the events of Amuro Ray during the war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation.

The story of Mobile Suit began in 1979whenYoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate decide to collaborate with the studio of Sunrise to give life to the franchise of Gundam. It is a Japanese animated TV series set in a near future where humanity begins to colonize space. As you can imagine the series is all about anthropomorphic combat robots with human pilot, called, precisely, mobile suit.