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Here comes the Nvidia Geforce event with all the upcoming news

Here comes the Nvidia Geforce event with all the upcoming news

Nvidia will broadcast a special event GeForce live and exclusively on its website. There will be a speech from the founder and CEO Jensen Huangwhich will introduce all the news presented by the company for all interested parties.

What is the GeForce event?

At the moment, Nvidia has not released any details regarding the news that we will see on the first day of September but the prospectuses. The new incoming GeForce will be able to count on the new architecture Ampere and will form the series 3000. More details on the specifications could emerge as early as the next few days. The incoming products should be different and marked by a new technology.

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History about the brand

GeForce is the brand created by Nvidia Corporation for their series of GPU. They are often used for the production of PC video cards. These series specialize in video games and multimedia applications. They are frequently used in a home environment, without sacrificing the rather high quality visible in every game.

Date of the event

On the GeForce section of the official website, you can see a series of products released in recent years, which will lead the way for what promises to be a mini revolution in the field of video cards. During the event, Huang will highlight the company’s latest innovations in the field of games and graphics. You will be able to compare all the technical characteristics of the products created by the same company, increasingly leaders in the field described above.

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The event will take place on the same site Tuesday 1st September, at 18:00 Italian time and there will be no shortage of surprises. There will also likely be a video demonstration of how the company has changed its work, from the company’s inception until today.