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Here are the new titles that NVIDIA’s DLSS can boast

Here are the new titles that NVIDIA’s DLSS can boast

March has arrived fierce and brings with it new video games that boast of the NVIDIA GeForce DLSS. Let’s find out which are these lucky titles that enjoy NVIDIA support.

The titles that boast the DLSS of GeForce NVIDIA

Among the video games that enjoy NVIDIA’s DLSS we find the demo of System Shock, The Fabled Woods And Crysis Remastered. In addition, Outriders will be bundled alongside laptops built with a GeForce RTX.

People Can Fly and Square Enix’s Outriders have been highly rated since the release of their demo in February. For this reason NVIDIA is working for add DLSS support to the game for launch on April 1st. In addition the company is also offering a digital copy of the title on Steam to people who purchase a laptop with GeForce RTX at the partners participating in the offer.

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In February, however, NVIDIA announced that game developers can access the DLSS through a plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26, thereby making it easier for them to integrate the technology into their titles. The developers took advantage of this support early on and the new The Fabled Woods and the System Shock demo are officially the first games to add the DLSS using the plug-in.

Developers CyberPunch Studios and Headup Games have implemented support in The Fabled Woods in less than a day and the result was incredible. The title got a performance increase up to 1.6 times at 4K. This allows players who own a GeForce RTX 3070 or of other superior GPUsto experience the game with settings to the maximum. In addition they can enjoy the ray tracing effects enabled in addition as well 60 FPS at 3840×2160.

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The Fabled Woods will officially arrive on March 25 and will have ray-traced reflections, ray-traced shadows and ray-traced global illumination available. Thanks to NVIDIA’s DLSS, the frame rate is faster and this ensures smoother gameplay.

Most of the GeForce RTX 30 Series Desktop GPUon the other hand, it can take full advantage of System Shock a graphics 4K and play 120 FPS to get an unforgettable experience.

NVIDIA announced that many other titles will receive DLSS support. Its goal is to offer PC gamers the best gaming experience.