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Hawkeye: How is the Disney + series with Jeremy Renner

Hawkeye: How is the Disney + series with Jeremy Renner

We had left Clint Barton at the end of Avengers: Endgame, when Tony Stark’s sacrifice allowed him to re-embrace his family, literally wiped out by Thanos’ snap of fingers. A joy mixed with anger and melancholy, because between **** and salvation Barton had first embraced his dark side, staining himself with cold-blooded crimes under the name of Ronin, in an attempt to escape from an impossible pain to bear. Fate had then reserved for him another disappointment on the road to happiness, taking away his closest friend Natasha Romanoff, who sacrificed herself in Vormir’s place to allow him to get his hands on the Soul Stone. Today we find Hawkeye in Hawkeye, the new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe available from 24 November on Disney +.

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The world has moved on, more precisely until 2025, where Clint lives a seemingly peaceful life together with his newfound family, far from both the exploits of the Avengers and his dark past. After saving humanity, the Avengers have entered even more into the collective imagination: the attention of children is directed to them and even Broadway musicals are dedicated to them, to which Clint watches in amazement, with the awareness of who knows what lies behind the spotless facade of superheroes and with the rebelliousness of those who do not like to take the glory and the spotlight.

Fate takes him to Kate Bishop’s path (Hailee Steinfeld), a young aspiring archer from a good family, who owes her passion to Clint and his exploits during the battle for New York in The Avengers. As Clint watches the re-emergence of his past, he reluctantly finds himself forced to forge an alliance with his impetuous and reckless fan.

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Hawkeye: Marvel’s answer to Die Hard

The first two episodes (out of 6 total) that we were able to see of Hawkeye put us in front of a sort of superhero reinterpretation of Die Hard, an unforgettable action classic with Bruce Willis. The location changes (not Los Angeles but New York) and the spaces (much more open than the oppressive Nakatomi Plaza), the Christmas setting and above all the canvas, which sees the protagonist engaged in an unexpected struggle to reunite with his own family, with an organization as mysterious as it is dangerous at his heels.

What emerges above all is the character of the new entry Kate Bishop, thanks above all to the surprising performance of Hailee Steinfeld, which confirms the good things she had already shown in 17 years (and how to get out alive) and Bumblebee. Restless, combative, rebellious: Kate Bishop is a multifaceted character with a painful story behind him (the untimely loss of her father), who is a candidate for a leading role in the near future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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More restrained Clint Barton, whose physical and emotional scars lead him to refuse human contact and to erect barriers towards Kate destined to collapse with the precipitate of events. After the events of Black Widow, the future of Hawkeye appears in any case already written and inevitably directed towards a meeting / clash with Yelena Belova of Florence Pugh, adoptive sister of the late Natasha Romanoff, and towards the field training of Kate, who could become her spiritual heir in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For now, she has reduced the appearances of the secondary characters of Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton and Brian d’Arcy James to a minimum, as well as those of Lucky the Pizza Dog, an adorable dog without an eye already known to readers of Marvel comics. Is it time for a pet to join the Avengers group?

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A new miniseries that opens up to the future of Marvel

After WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, Marvel delivers with Hawkeye another miniseries with potentially fundamental implications for the future of the franchise. A product capable of crossing different genres and registers, such as the coming-of-age story, comedy and action, but also of focusing on the human traits of three-dimensional and layered characters, which will accompany us for the next few weeks and in all probability also for the next years.