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Haven’t you seen Vale yet?

Haven’t you seen Vale yet?

Voucher, the long-awaited short film by Alejandro Amenábar, had its premiere on YouTube on Sunday, June 14, through the channel of the beer company they are campaigning for and on the Mediterraneamente.es page.

It also had its broadcast a few weeks ago on Antena3, the opening act for the night programming, generating mostly positive reviews.

The twelve-minute short film has a script by Amenábar and Oriol Villar, with photographic direction of Edu Degree (A Single Man, Buried, French Suite), artistic direction of Ana Alvargonzalez (Pa negre, La caja 507) and soundtrack performed by Maïa Vidal, American singer who lives in Barcelona and who gives us the song Our Place.

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Dakota johnson, the acclaimed protagonist of 50 Shades of Gray, plays Rachel, an affable and confident girl who quickly fits into the group of Spaniards. Quim Gutierrez (Azuloscurocasinegro, Cousins, The hidden face, …) plays Víctor, the most timid and clueless member of the group.

The story introduces us to a group of friends who met Rachel, an American girl, the night before and invited her to spend the day with them. Victor, who refused to go out that night (he didn’t say “okay”), is attracted to this woman who suddenly appears and tries by all means to get his attention. But everything works against him: he cannot defend himself in his own language, nor does he have enough extraversion to win his sympathy, as the rest of his friends have done.

Among the supporting actors stands out Natalia Tena as Claudia, known worldwide for her interpretations in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, who plays the role of matchmaker in Vale, establishing a bond of complicity with Victor. Others of the group are Carles francino (Toni), Patricia valley (Palace José J. Domínguez (David).

The stage is none other than Ibiza, the pinnacle of Mediterranean good living that creates an atmosphere of well-being, festivity and fraternization.

“Living in the Mediterranean means leaving home, meeting people and immersing yourself in music, cinema, theater, exhibitions … We would like the film to awaken in viewers that spirit of sociability and optimism.” A. Amenábar

In Vale, the island witnesses how our protagonist, after multiple attempts at rapprochement, manages to captivate Rachel almost unconsciously. Lacking expectations, Víctor ends up conquering her, discovering himself as a cinephile and a passionate music lover, a young man without the talent of courtship who has learned everything in life thanks to his willingness to live. Sometimes the affinity between people does not go along the paths that one believes. Sometimes it is enough to say “okay” and live it all.

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