Happy WordPress Birthday!

wordpress celebrates its seventh anniversary, and celebrates it with the (long-awaited) launch of Candidate for liberation of the version 3. Remember that the arrival of this third generation was scheduled for April, but due to development delays, it was scheduled for May. What better setting than the birthday of wordpress so that we have it in our hands! (although of course, if you're impatient, you've probably used the beta version that came out last month)

Seven years ago, Matt Mullenweg published the first version of wordpress, designed as an open content management platform, ideal for blogging. Who would say that today it is one of the favorite platforms in the world (also in hypertext, of course!), and that it is used by more than 20 million people. Despite the passage of time, wordpress it hasn't sacrificed the two features that made it so popular: completely free and free under the GPL.

Finally, a curiosity about WordPress. Did you know that all their versions are named after jazz musicians? The first version is called ThousandsIn honour of Miles Davis. Other well-known musicians who have given their names to WordPress releases are saxophonists. Stan Getz (Getz, v. 2.2) and Jean Coltrane (Coltrane, v. 2.7), or the trumpeter Chet Boulanger (Baker, v. 2.8). The current version (2.9) is Carmenin honor of the singer Carmen McRae.

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