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Happy birthday, Animal Crossing!

Happy birthday, Animal Crossing!

It will seem incredible to you, yet the first anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game with which Nintendo has saved millions of people from the boredom of the lockdown. And perhaps without knowing it. When the company launched the title it was March 20, 2020, the Spring Equinox but also Happiness Day, which had to portend that it was a game that could make our lives better. At the same time, fear of Covid-19, an unknown and dangerous virus loomed around the world.

Yet Nintendo appears to have had optimal timing. With its idea of ​​a desert island – even if not entirely – and far from any problem, Animal Crossing is able to take us elsewhere, in a world that does not exist but is made just the way we want it. A small paradise where to take refuge at any time of the day. And the company could not give us anything better in a historical moment that forced us home. So let’s all say loudly: Happy Birthday, Animal Crossing!

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Animal Crossing: Nintendo’s game turns one year old

Just a year has passed, and yet so many things have happened. In just twelve months, Animal Crossing sold out over 31 million copies all over the world, of which 7 million in Europe. The reason for its success? Without a doubt that of having been perfect virtual meeting place in a historical moment in which meeting was impossible. Weddings, birthdays and even election campaigns have been celebrated on Nintendo’s title islands. In fact, President Joe Biden had his own very personal island within the game to reach the youngest and most digitized voters.

But it wasn’t just politics that was fascinated by the potential of the title. High fashion has found fertile ground for collaborations here. Maison Valentinofor example, it made available to players some items from the SS 2020 and Pre-Fall 2021 collections. And, just a month ago, Gucci launched an island inspired by the setting of the Gucci Guilty perfume campaign, where players are greeted by actor Jared Leto. But, like high fashion, culture has also found in Animal Crossing a perfect tool to connect with the public during the pandemic. Calling it a video game, at this point, seems almost an understatement.

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Nintendo has created a real virtual platform, which will attract elements of real life to itself. And it brings out some of the game’s signature traits. The ZOOM biopark in Turin, for example, he asked his own visitors to choose names for newcomers to the facility. And the public did not hesitate to choose Alpaca And Merlin, the two alpacas protagonists of the Nintendo game. Let us also say that it is absolutely amazing how much the real and the virtual manage to be perfectly combined in a video game. All this after just one year. What should we expect for the future then? Something wonderful, we are sure.