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Happy birthday, Alexa

Happy birthday, Alexa

Alexa blows out her sixth candle since launch in the United States and her second in Italy, where it found an extraordinary welcome from the Italians who received it in their homes during these two years. Since launching in the Bel Paese in 2018, Echo devices have increased from 4 to 13 and skills have increased from 400 to more than 4000. For the occasion Tiziano Ferro will sing “Happy Birthday to you” every time Alexa is greeted with the phrase “Alexa, happy birthday”.

The special gift for Alexa from Tiziano Ferro

For this anniversary Amazon Music will give Alexa an exclusive playlist with all her favorite songs. Amazon.com customers who want to celebrate with Alexa will be able to listen to the playlist by asking: “Alexa, put the playlist six years in the cloud from Amazon Music”. Furthermore, for the occasion, Tiziano Ferro lends his voice to sing “Happy Birthday to you” every time someone wishes her happy by saying “Alexa, happy birthday”. The singer also released his new album I accept Miracles, the experience of others and the Ferro documentary on Prime Video.

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Alexa is passionate not only about music, but also about science and science fiction and that is why Audible gives, to her and to Amazon.it customers, listening for free, through Alexa devices, to the podcast La prova. A scientific investigation into the videos of the Roswell alien autopsy told by Massimo Polidoro.

In these two years, Alexa has offered invaluable help to customers in Italy in their home business. During the last 12 months, customers have, for example, viewed 5 million recipes. The most requested recipe was “Spaghetti alla carbonara”. Pizza margherita and tiramisu won the second and third place.

An ever-expanding community

The community of Italian developers has also proved to be among those with the fastest growth in the world. The developer portal opened in June 2018 and today the community is over 50,000 members.

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In addition, to brighten their moments at home, in these two years, customers have asked Alexa to play music for a total of 16,500 years. The palm of the most requested song was won by For A Million BoomDaBash. Karaoke by BoomDaBash & Alessandra Amoroso follows while Soldi di Mahmood was placed on the third step of the podium.

Alexa also refined her understanding of customer inquiries, with a 36% improvement in error rate since arriving in Italy. To date, customers in Italy have rated Echo devices above 4.5 stars. Over 74% of customers give Echo devices a five-star rating.