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Halloween Marathon: classic horror movies to watch in company

Halloween Marathon: classic horror movies to watch in company

If you still don’t know what to do on Halloween, you are in time to organize one classic horror movie marathon with appetizers and good company. The evenings at the disco and the parties in the clubs are beautiful, but do we want to talk about pizza, sofa and beer in front of the TV? In general, autumn and Halloween bring with them a somewhat gloomy mood, an aura of mystery. We like to take advantage of it to spend time in the company of friends and that scary film that makes the atmosphere disturbing and sparkling.

Horror movies for the Halloween marathon

The list of horror movies is potentially endless. But we thought of those classics that never tire, that all lovers of the genre have reviewed many times. Ready to take notes?

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Horror movie par excellence: IT

It is probably the horror film that has traumatized the most people and created a phobia for clowns. You know the plot of IT? In 1960, seven preteens battle an evil demon who kills children in the guise of a clown. Thirty years later, adults, the boys return to their hometown to stop the monster once and for all. There are two versions: the original one from 1990 and a more recent one. Both are available on Prime Video for € 1.99.

William Friedkin’s exorcist

From the 70s to today, one of the first titles to link to the “horror” category is The exorcist. Decorate your home properly and get ready for a rewatch. The film tells of Regan McNeil, a 12-year-old girl, possessed by the devil. A young priest in a crisis of faith, aided by his elderly mentor, decides to take up the case and face the demonic presence in a deadly duel. Find the movie on Netflix.

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To create the perfect atmosphere: Halloween, Night of the Witches

In this Carpenter film horror and voyeurism intertwine in Halloween. Let yourself be carried away by the story of Michael Myers, one psychopath, imprisoned for the murder of his sister. The criminal escapes from prison and returns to his hometown in search of the next victim. Also find this super classic on Netflix.

The Shining: a classic of horror films

Shining is a masterpiece inspired by a Stephen King novel, with dark and gloomy tones. Jack Torrance, aspiring writer, moves with his family toThe Overlook Hotel, to accept the post of guardian. The perfect place to write: an isolated hotel in the mountains. Soon the son begins to perceive strange visions. It turns out that the place is animated by evil forces driving Jack mad. A crazy interpretation of Jack Nicholson. You can see The Shining streaming on Prime Video.

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The historical figure of Freddy Krueger comes to life in 1984 in Nightmare. Disturbing and disturbing horror that relies on the psychological sphere. Five guys they dream of a man with a disfigured face, with a frightening voice and a gardener’s glove with knives for fingers. They soon realize that what happens in their dreams really happens. Lonly way to survive is not to fall asleep. Available on Netflix.

Horror movies for Halloween: the Saw saga

The plot of this horror film series revolves around the homicidal maniac John Kramer, aka Jigsaw. The man catches the victims of him in deadly traps, from which it is usually possible to escape after mutilation and great suffering. Jigsaw, suffering from terminal brain tumor, tests his “guinea pigs” to find out if they are worthy to continue living a life that until then they have despised. These are pretty splatter movies. You can stream Saw on Prime Video.

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There are plenty of other beautiful and scary horror movies that deserve a mention. We promise to come back to tell you more about it soon. In the meantime, we leave you with these films, which for us represent the great classics to see for a horror marathon.