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Halloween is coming: TV series and movies with vampires for a themed marathon

Halloween is coming: TV series and movies with vampires for a themed marathon

Halloween is upon us, the gloomy weather and the mists coming. Is there a better time to brush up on vampire movies and TV series? We say that the time has come.

The mythological figure of the vampire has always aroused as much fascination as fear, shrouded in mystery and full of disturbing facets. Centuries have passed since the first reports of sightings and legends involving vampires, described as living dead thirsty for blood. Even the cinema has always given these creatures a certain interest, which is why today we are talking about TV series and movies with vampires.

TV series and movies with vampires

They have been represented as misunderstood figures, with a good soul and still human, or as ruthless killers. Vampire movies have always tried to show the line between good and evil, light and shadow. If you are a lover of the genre, here is a list of content to see.

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Vampire movies: the different versions of Dracula

Inspired by the legends about the famous Romanian count and the novel by Bram Stoker, several films dedicated to Dracula were born. In 1931 the black and white version with Bela Lugosi in which a real estate agent is subjugated by Dracula and locked up in an asylum, while the Earl, once he arrives in London, begins to search among the neighbors for the next sacrificial victim. Then in 1992 Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which speaks of the curse that forces the count to feed on the blood of living beings in exchange for eternal life. Dracula is determined to be reunited with his beloved and to achieve his goals, he travels to London. Film currently available on NOW. Two films that try to tell the personality of the most famous of vampires in different ways.

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Dracula a true cult

There has been a lot of content on Dracula, plus you have two of the most famous that we’ve all known. TV series and films can be found at will, then in the 70s the vampire count was one of the most loved characters. A recent readjustment is Dracula Untold, available on Amazon Prime Video, which tells of Vald, a warrior who to defeat the Turkish hordes decides to pay the price of transforming himself into a creature of the night. Also on Amazon Prime Video, you can see The mark of Dracula with Christopher Lee e Dracula’s lover. On Netlfix last came a mini series of names Dracula. It tells the misadventures of Jonathan Harker who travels to Transylvania to meet a client interested in a stately home in London. However, the man unknowingly finds himself a prisoner in Count Dracula’s castle.

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Vampire movies

Not only did Dracula win the attention of directors and cinematographers. There are tons of vampire movies, more than you think (trust me). Among the most famous and loved to buy safe Interview with the vampirewith a cast of exception: Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Helen McCrory. The film is about a young journalist listening to the story of a man who became a vampire and whose existence is tormented by the loss of his wife and daughter. Available in streaming on NOW.

Also very famous Dark Shadows, a Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter. The tones and colors are typical of Burton’s style and the story is based on the homonymous 1960s soap opera created by Dan Curtis. The story of a broken heart seeking revenge, which turns the protagonist into a vampire. Very particular too What we do in the shadows instead it tells the difficulties of a group of vampires to understand and settle in modern society, a comedy that has “monsters” as protagonists.

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The Twilight Saga

The chapters of the Twilight saga are perhaps teenagers’ favorite vampire movies. A tormented love story, between a human and a vampire. They have become very fond of the stories of Bella and Edward with the books from which the films were born, in this case the novels allow us to see more deeply the personalities of the protagonists. A teen drama that has stolen many hearts, in which vampires have a human soul underneath. If you want to do a rewatch find the movies on Netflix.

TV series about vampires

With the TV series we break down another open door. Vampires have also made their way into television shows. One of the most famous is The Vampire Diaries and its spinn-off The Originals. The characteristic of this TV series is that there are no totally bad or totally good characters, good and evil coexist in everyone. On Netflix it is instead released Vampires, the plot revolves around Doina, a vampire girl who represses her vampiric tendencies by taking pills. Another Netflix show is Immortalsset in Istanbul, he toldto the relentless struggle between vampires and humans.

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TV series and movies about vampire hunters

Movies based on vampire hunters are also very popular. Fighting with monsters is always a popular theme. In this case, vampires are always represented as inhuman, ferocious, evil and irrecoverable creatures. A threat to defeat. The most famous is certainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which high school girl Buffy is the Slayer, destined to destroy the demons trying to take over the world. Under the supervision of the school librarian, the girl fights alongside her closest friends. the famous show is available on Disney +.

The film was also a success Van Helsing, which recounts the exploits of the famous vampire hunter, on the trail of Count Dracula, on a mission for a secret society. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video. But a TV series on Netlfix was also made on Van Helsing. The episodes speak of Vanessa van Helsingdaughter of the famous vampire hunter Abraham, who wakes up from a long coma and discovers that vampires are controlling the world.

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There are those who despise them, those who would like to be one of them, those who fear them and even someone who basically hopes … Vampires always arouse curiosity. We have seen them good, bad, fought because of their nature, however they never tire us. Do you know other vampire TV series and movies? Are you a fan of the genre?