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Hacker attack on ASL Roma 3: what we know

Hacker attack on ASL Roma 3: what we know

A hacker attack was launched against the ASL Roma 3.

Again a computer offensive, again to health data, and again Lazio as the scene of the story.

The phenomenon of computer-related crimes is certainly not limited to our country. In the past few hours, in fact, a group of Iranian hackers has asked for a ransom of one million dollars to not disclose the data of the Israeli LGBT community.

Let’s first take stock of what happened in our capital, and then take a closer look at the offensive brought to Israel.

Hacker attack on ASL Roma 3: the latest in a long series

The hacker attack on ASL Roma 3 is only the latest in a long series in Italy. Which was inaugurated right in Lazio, on the night between July 31 and August 1, against the Lazio region.

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And which, passing through the Siae, leads us up to the very recent cyber attack against the San Carlo.

But companies related to healthcare seem to be the most exposed to the offensives of cyber pirates. First, in August, it was the turn of the Tuscan Regional Health Agency. And the following month at the San Giovanni hospital in Rome. And this time, again in the capital, the hacker attack was carried out against ASL Roma 3. What happened?

Hacker attack on ASL Roma 3: what happened

From Saturday 30 October, the ASL Roma 3 website is unreachable (and it still is now that we are drafting the article, at 11.30 on Tuesday 2 November). And the intranet, the one used for internal communications, is also out of order.

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On 30 October the company reported what had happened in a statement and promptly notified the employees.

The press release reads: “Following a cyber attack on our company it was necessary to close all internet connections. We are taking steps to secure our IT system, communications will follow ”.

What do we know

The news leaked so far is meager. Nothing is known, for example, of a possible ransom demand from hackers.

At the Grasso hospital, one of the major internal structures of the Roman ASL 3, the doctors used personal devices to communicate with each other and send reports.

What may have ensured damage containment is the fact that, after the previous attacks suffered by companies in the region, the local health companies were asked to block access to internal networks for employees in smart working.

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ASL Roma 3

Even the councilor for health Alessio Damato defined the situation as “not worrying”.

Well, if so. Even because the ASL Roma 3 covers a large territory: the Roman Municipalities X, XI, XII and the Municipality of Fiumicino. It includes 3 directly managed hospitals, 46 health centers and above all users of over 600 thousand citizens.

Hacker attacks in the rest of the world

In another article we analyzed a recent report by Check Point Research, according to which Italy is the second country in Europe most exposed to cyber attacks.

And according to which ransomware offensive, i.e. those for which attackers ask for a ransom, are the most widespread globally.

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In recent days we have given you an account of an attack carried out on the registry agency of Argentina.

While in the past few hours a large ransom has been demanded from the Israeli LGBT community: what happened?

The attack on the Israeli LGBT community

There is now talk of cyber warfare between Iran and Israel. Through a message that appeared on Telegram, the hacker group Black Shadow asked for a ransom of one million euros (in cryptocurrencies) in order not to disclose personal data stolen by Atraf on the dark web. That is, from a very popular site in the Israeli LGBT community.

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“If we have a million dollars in our digital wallet in the next 48 hours we will not disclose this information and we will not sell it to anyone. This is the best we can do ”.

Black Shadow last year had already attacked the Shirbit insurance company, also of Israel. And several hospitals in the country have recently suffered cyber attacks by Iranian hackers.

A Microsoft report denounced that Iran has quadrupled its offensives, including ransomware, against Israel in the last year.

But Iran also accuses Israeli agents of a series of recent cyber attacks. The last of which would have caused a temporary blockage of the fuel supply.

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In turn, the Israeli offensives would be the response to other Iranians that took place in July 2020.

In short: the horizons of international political tensions are changing. And perhaps the new cold war will be played out, or is already being played out, even on the terrain of cyberspace.