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Hacker attack hits Picreel and CloudCMS.com: data of thousands of users at risk

Hacker attack hits Picreel and CloudCMS.com: data of thousands of users at risk

4,600 websites were affected in a recent hacker attack involving the Picreel and CloudCMS.com platforms. The hackers infected the two services and changed the codes JavaScriptsputting the sensitive data of thousands of users at risk. Picreel And CloudCMS.com they are in fact two web trackers, or two tools whose function is to analyze and record data and habits of users who visit websites.

In particular, Picreel is running on 1200 sites while CloudsCMS.com allowed access to user data from 3,400 portals.

Picreel and CloudCMS.com: the sites affected by the recent hacker attack

Do you want to understand which sites were affected? Find those who exploit here Picreel and here instead the sites that use Alpaca Form of CloudCMS.com.

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Hassan Metwalley, CEO of Ermes Cyber ​​Security said: “Once again, a colossal data breach shows us that too little is being done by companies to protect their users’ data and that web trackers can be a terrible double-edged sword. Under the guise of facilitating the user experience, they collect hundreds of data for each user. If this data is not adequately protected, it risks handing over to hackers huge databases that can easily be resold or reused for further targeted attacks. Attacks sewn on the user himself, on his interests, past experiences, habits “.

What are Web Trackers

Globally there are more than 30,000 Web tracker. They are companies, among which the most important are Facebook, Linkedin and Google, which collect every single information we leave on the web, then using this data to reconstruct detailed profiles that describe each individual user. This information is regularly usedin a harmless way, to propose targeted content based on the operations we perform on the Web.

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These same tools can be used for constantly spy on employee activities and gather sensitive information on targeted users such as political figures or for industrial espionage. Another malicious use is that of fingerprinting. This is the identification of the type of device used by the user to allow customized and therefore more credible and dangerous cyber-phishing attacks.

Ermes Cyber ​​Security specializes in IT security. Incubated at I3P – Business Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, has developed Ermes Internet Shield, a patented platform capable of automatically identifying the dangers of the web and fully protecting every company device while browsing the Internet.