Hack Geelbe and reveal the password of its users

Geelbe is a private shopping site (in the best Mercado Libre style but with which you can only access by invitation) was hacked today at 2am in Argentina (6am in Spain) and crackers they exposed all affected users' emails and their respective passwords on a website. Therefore, if you are a user of the site, it is better that you change the password in which you use the same information.

On the site you can see that they are already working to resolve the issue and if we try to enter now it will read: “We are making a small order. Soon we will be ready to continue offering you the best brands, at incredible prices!

As a security measure, if they use the same password in their email, the first thing they should do is to run to change it because we know that from there you can practically recover the password of all other services.

What remains of all this? Firstly, that no site is secure (as we have known for a long time), and secondly, that you should use different types of passwords. This means that there are some that are much more important than others and that of email or, for example, our PayPal (where we carry out transactions) should not have the same importance as that of any social network or, in this case, Geelbe.

Update (I) of data by Gaston BercunDirector of Geelbe:

  • No data was lost.
  • No purchases were made with external data.
  • Only 461 data out of the first 461 recorded that Geelbe had in Argentina have been published. This does not mean that whoever did it can have other people's data (comment: I also recommend changing the password for greater security).
  • We are securing our systems again and will be back online soon.
  • Communication will be made to all our users so that they change their passwords both in our service and in others if they use the same one.
They “hack” several Yahoo! in China

Update (II): Geelbe: “Those who were on the published list have already received an email. A communication will soon be sent to all users.

Update (III): Official communication which begins to arrive by mail to all members of the service.

Via: Denken Uber

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